Clash of Clans Summer update patch notes: Army training cost changes, ‘remove all’ feature & bug fixes

Josh Tyler
Training will be free in new Clash of Clans update.

Clash of Clans has released its Summer update patch notes, impacting villages, clan capital housing, and the raid medal UI.

Developer Supercell revealed the changes coming in the Summer 2022 update on June 27. Included in the patch is the removal of training costs for armies. This change was made to encourage “players to try new strategies and tactics without the worry of spending resources on something that might turn out to be a waste of time.”

Because of the drastic change to training, the developer also made adjustments for how Elixirs can be used, since players will no longer have to spend them on training.

The update also added some quality of life improvements to Clash of Clans, including a “remove all” function from army training so players no longer have to remove individual units from their army. Players can also use a Scenery Randomizer to improve their surroundings, and will get a notification that Capital attacks cannot be used until the full Housing Space of the Capital Army is upgraded.

The notes were posted to their official blog, detailing what changes and improvements have been made to Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans Summer update 2022: Full patch notes

Clash of Clans update makes huge changes to army training.
Clash of Clans update makes huge changes to army training.



  • Army training time and housing space requirements are still present.
  • The Training Boost perk from the Season Challenges will now only affect training time.
  • Players will no longer receive returned resources when donating to a Clanmate.
  • Donation Refunds from Clan perks have been removed.
  • Events will no longer discount training for Troops or Spells.
  • Elixir loot in Legend League has been reduced to match Gold loot.

Due to the increase in available Elixir from the removal of training costs, we’ve made some changes that primarily affect lower Town Hall levels:

  • Starting at Town Hall level 5, Walls will be able to be upgraded with either Gold or Elixir.
  • The Clan Castle now requires Elixir to upgrade at all levels. The amount of Elixir required is the same as the former Gold cost.

No longer will you need to remove units from your Army one at a time! Before, clearing your entire Army was a tedious process of having to manually remove every unit on an individual basis.

On your trained Army tab, you’ll see a new trashcan button added next to each category (Troops, Spells, & Siege Machines). Tapping that button will remove every unit that has been trained.

Now you can clear out your previous roster and create a whole new one faster than ever!


Is your Clanmate requesting a Super Troop reinforcement but you don’t have that Super Troop activated? In this update, you can now donate any Super Troop you have access to even if you don’t have that Super Troop activated. You can only donate Super Troops you have the ability to activate.

1-Gem donations will also affect Super Troop Quick Donations and you’ll still receive credit for any Season Challenge or Clan Perk benefits!


The Scenery Randomizer functions just like the Hero Skin Randomizer. You can enable the Scenery Randomizer from the Town Hall. Turning on the Scenery Randomizer will allow you to select from the Sceneries you have acquired. Any time your Home Village is loaded, the Randomizer will randomly load a Scenery from the ones you’ve selected. Keep in mind that you can only select any Scenery you’ve unlocked and it will only randomize the ones you’ve selected.

Additional Scenery Changes:

  • Shadow Scenery has new custom ambient sound and music.
  • Clan Capital Airship and Forge positions and brightness have been adjusted for the Shadow Scenery.
  • Clan Capital Airship and Forge positions have been adjusted for the Epic Jungle Scenery.
  • Builder Base Boat and Ship positions have been adjusted for the Epic Jungle Scenery.
  • Capital Airship and Forge positions have been adjusted for the Tiger Mountain Scenery.
  • Builder Base Boat and Ship positions have been adjusted for the Tiger Mountain Scenery.
  • Tiger Mountain Scenery camera bounds have been adjusted so more of the Scenery is visible.
  • Pumpkin Graveyard Scenery now uses the Halloween ambient sound and music.
  • Snow Day Scenery now uses the Winter ambient sound and music.
  • Epic Winter Scenery now uses the Winter ambient sound and music.
  • Invisibility Spell will now apply its effects immediately to spawned and units created by Clone Spell when spawned inside an active Invisibility Spell area.
  • Legend League loot for players below Town Hall level 11 has been increased.
  • Fixed reinforcement issue which happened when trying to use reinforcements for partially filled Clan Castles while the previous CC request was still open.
  • Fixed a reinforcement bug which happened when opening the reinforcement screen while having low Troops in the Clan Castle after doing a partial donation for max level Troops.
  • Allow Zap Trap to hits units which are within 2x the trigger radius, like Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines.
  • Fixed an issue with ground unit targeting, primarily with Flame Flinger, that prevented it from targeting the closest Building.
  • Stop Battle Builders from attempting to target Forge and running to the top corner when defending while Builders were Forge crafting.
  • Fixed Builders sleeping while assigned to the Forge or while upgrading his own Builder Hut.
  • Fixed a UI issue when opening your Clan view from the War Map causing the Raid Log button to display instead of the War Log button.
  • Added changes to water rendering to add subtle wave effects.
  • Reduce the retargeting delay when entering Jump Spell and when Hidden Tesla pops up in front of troops.
  • Fixed Siege Machine capacity icon in info screens.
  • Fixed an issue where going to visit last raid weekend attacking/defending raid with the same clan as the current raid clan and going straight to attack would go back to wrong map



In order to ensure Clans are using their full Housing Space when attacking, players will be notified they cannot initiate an attack until they utilize the full available Housing Space for their Capital Army.

This is to prevent a common instance of players initiating their Capital attack without realizing a Capital Army Camp had finished upgrading, leading to players attacking with fewer units than they could have used.


Enemy Clans during a Capital Raid Weekend can now be viewed. A button on the enemy Capital map has been added allowing you to check out the enemy Clan profile.


Builder Potions can now be activated from a button on the Forge tab found in the Home Village in order to speed up crafting of Capital Gold.


Districts whose layouts were not modified during a Capital Raid Weekend will remain available for Friendly Challenges during that Raid Weekend.


Players will no longer be required to visit the Clan Capital to visually determine how many Capital attacks they have remaining.

In the Home Village, the Airship will now display the number of Capital attacks you have left to use before the Capital Raid Weekend ends.


Raid Medals for attacks are now awarded based on the number of attacks a Raid Weekend participant did.


Items that are out of stock/sold out for purchase with Raid Medals will now display a “Sold Out” sign instead of simply being grayed out to make it visually more apparent the item in question cannot be purchased until the next inventory cycle.

And while Clan Capital may be Clash’s newest feature, we plan on adding so much more new content for you to enjoy in the future!

  • Fixed a Troop AI issue which sometimes prevented Troops from noticing a gap between Walls or Cliffs and a Building.
  • Fixed an issue with the deploy area of Hidden Mega Tesla.
  • Fixed bugs with the Move All tool in the Clan Capital layout editor when locked decorations are present.
  • More accurate z-coordinate for Super Dragon projectile target locating against flying Troops in Clan Capital.
  • Fixed a bug causing Forge’s free crafting to be unintentionally affected by the Gold Pass Builder Boost perk.
  • Fixed Builders sleeping while assigned to the Forge or while upgrading his own Builder Hut.
  • Placement of destroyed Blast Bow fixed to match location of the original Building.
  • Fixed the info screen of Capital Heal Spell to display the correct heal amount.
  • Fixed the info screen of Capital Lightning Spell to display the correct damage amount.
  • Correctly show the “Visit Capital” button for clans that are Closed and have private War Log.
  • Fixed an issue with teleporting Villagers when visiting Clan Capital. They will now hurdle over Walls in an effort to avoid destruction if they cannot find an alternate route to their target. Flee little ones! Flee!