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Cel-shaded Super Mario cosplay takes on a Borderlands 3 twist

Published: 18/Oct/2019 23:50 Updated: 19/Oct/2019 0:52

by Brent Koepp


An incredibly skilled cosplayer brought his mindblowing Mario costume to New York Comic Con 2019, and his unique take on the beloved Nintendo plumber turned heads and won him first place in a contest.

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New York Comic Con is one of the biggest entertainment conventions in the world, as the annual event celebrates everything from comics, to cosplay, as enthusiasts from all over gather to celebrate their favorite hobbies.

However one cosplayer blew the minds of attendees and judges when he showed off his version of Nintendo’s iconic character Mario, and brought to lovable mascot to life like never seen before.


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Mario brought to life

Professional cosplayer and prop maker ‘Akellyz’ put his incredible costume on display at NYCC this year which ran from October 8 to 11, and gave Mario a gritty new look. The more mature take on the plumber, shows him as a formidable warrior in a cel shaded Borderlands 3-esque style.

His prop making talents are on full display, as the costume has a Yoshi animatronic on his back that moves its eyes and head, and even blows smoke out its mouth, taking cosplay to a new level.

[Photographer] Selection of Cosplay photos from NYCC this past weekend, including this amazing Borderlands Mario! (Link in comments) from r/cosplay

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If that wasn’t cool enough, the amount of detail that has gone into his costume is astonishing as the artist included a vast amount of references from the Mario series, from the mini ‘Bob-omb’ grenades, to the Chain Chomp weapon around his neck.


But he also included an incredible looking recreation of the ghost character ‘Boo’ locked in a cage that hung from behind him and had eyes that lit up. His Bazooka is cleverly a ‘Bullet Bill’ from the game, and even had a ‘Piranha Plant’ that rose up from the top of the weapon.

(Timestamp of 02:10 for mobile viewers.)

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Over on his Instagram, Akellyz has more photos showing off the costume, even showing the process he went through to put the makeup on to transform into the Nintendo plumber.

The social media account also includes a video that shows off the animatronic Yoshi up close, giving us a better look at how insane this costume truly is, as the dinosaur opens and closes his eyes, and moves his head.


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The talented cosplayer actually won New York Comic Con’s previous contests in 2014 and 2015, making this his third victory of the popular event, and it’s easy to see why.

The more you stare at his intricate costume, the more references from the beloved Nintendo franchise you will find. The amount of detail is staggering, and is truly one of the best cosplays we’ve ever seen.