Can you play Cities Skylines 2 on Mac?

Scott Baird
A town in Cities Skylines 2Colossal Order

Cities Skylines 2 is finally on the market, but can people play the game on Mac devices alongside the existing PC port of the game? Let’s take a look and find out.

Cities Skylines 2 is a city-builder about crafting a metropolis from the ground up. Players can dictate everything from the streets’ length to the skyscrapers’ size, so long as they have the cash to pull it off.

Unfortunately, not all is well in the bustling cities and packed expressways. Cities Skylines 2 launched with a ton of bugs and missing features, and while the retail version isn’t as bad as some of the games released in 2023, it has soured an otherwise exciting title for fans of strategy and building titles.

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A game like Cities Skylines 2 can return from a glitchy launch with regular updates and new features. The game is already available on PC, with updates and DLC planned as part of its roadmap for the platform, but what about other systems? Will Cities Skylines 2 make the jump to other platforms?

A bridge in Cities Skylines 2Colossal Order

Is Cities Skylines 2 available on Mac?

No, Cities Skylines 2 is not available on Mac and iOS devices. The official Cities Skylines 2 website only lists Steam, Windows, and PC Game Pass as platforms.

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Developer Colossal Order has confirmed that Cities Skylines 2 is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in Q2 2024, but those are the only additional platforms confirmed, so far. There’s no word regarding a future port of Cities Skylines 2 for Mac computers.

A Cities Skylines 2 Mac edition isn’t out of the question, as the game’s predecessor did receive a Mac version at launch. A city-builder is a much better fit for a personal computer than a console, so there’s a chance that Cities Skylines 2 could see a Mac port further down the road.

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The fact that the console versions are so far off from the PC launch suggests the developers want to get the base version right before putting it on other systems. By all accounts, there’s a lot of work to be done on Cities Skylines 2, so silence regarding further ports isn’t necessarily suspicious or a bad sign.

Hopefully, by the time Cities Skylines 2 is ready to make the jump to other platforms, the game’s many issues will have been resolved. Cities Skylines 2 might be available on PC, but the fans waiting on other systems could be in for a better first impression.

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