Cities Skylines 2 is annoying and confusing players with “obsession” on deaths

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Players are questioning why city building sim Cities Skylines 2 requires them to spend so much time thinking about and dealing with death.

Cities Skylines 2 players are confused by the game seemingly having an obsession with death.

Part of the city-building simulator’s gameplay involves dealing with citizens throughout their lifespans. This, of course, includes the inevitable.

However, while including death as a part of the game makes sense, Cities Skylines 2 players are expressing frustration in the way it is implemented and how much time they have to spend keeping bodies off the streets.

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Cities Skylines 2 players confused by game’s “obsession” with death

Players have been discussing their annoyance with Cities Skylines 2’s obsession with death on Reddit.

The conversation started with a post by Fruktlugg, who questioned why the sequel puts such great emphasis on death, dying, and cleaning up after the dead. “Little does it matter that my city is a wealthy, crime free, highly educated utopia that runs on solar energy,” they said, “the dead just keep stinking the whole place up.”

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They also questioned how much the mechanics contribute to the game’s realism, saying “I doubt that any city planner in history has even considered adding another lane to a highway just because of the immense hearse traffic. So why the hell is it such an integral part of this game?”

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Other players agreed, questioning why even small cities seem to need so many cemeteries and crematoriums.

Some have suggested the “hearse traffic” could be interpreted as funeral processions, which do tend to hold up traffic. Still, it is odd that there would be so many in a game like this rather than being an occasional thing.

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