Bully 2’s protagonist may have been leaked in new screenshot

Meg Bethany Koepp

Update 8/29/19 at 1:11 PM EST: It looks like the leak is confirmed to be fake and comes from an image posted to a forum nine years ago.

Original story below…

Yet another supposed Bully 2 screenshot has leaked, and this time, it could give hopeful fans their first clear look at the game’s protagonist.

Fans have been waiting with bated breath for any hint of Bully 2 news ever since its predecessor released way back in late 2006. While re-releases and remasters of the original have released since, there’s never been any official news of a sequel.

The first supposed in-game screenshot from Bully 2 was shared by YouTuber ‘TheNathanNS’ on August 14, and seemed to depict the game’s pause menu. Another similar photo closely followed on August 27, and now on August 28, yet another has surfaced – in Japanese this time.

YouTube: TheNathanNSThe first supposed “leaked” Bully 2 screenshot.

Bully 2’s protagonist

The latest ‘screenshot’ to leak online comes from Japanese Twitter user ‘@Lumeja’, and while most of it has been scribbled out, a few details have been left visible – including an image of what the game’s protagonist could look like.

Like the first image, the image appears to be the game’s menu and includes a portrait of a person in the top left corner. This time, however, it is much more clear. 

Unfortunately, his face is obscured by sunglasses so it’s difficult to make out any distinct features, but he does sport dark brown locks – unlike Jimmy Hopkins’ shaved head in the first game.

Twitter: @Lumeja3The top left corner hints at what Bully 2’s protagonist could look like.

It is unclear as to whether this is a brand new protagonist, or it’s simply Jimmy with customization options on, much like in the Grand Theft Auto games where you can edit a character’s hair and clothing features.

Another interesting feature about the image is that it features a link to Rockstar’s Social Club – something that’s been a part of its games since its introduction in 2008’s GTA IV. 

The second leaked screenshot showed a hub for a smartphone companion app, so having the Club connected too isn’t such a far-fetched idea.

Reddit: Zuke2000The second ‘leaked’ Bully 2 screenshot showed a Rockstar companion app.

As for the leaked screenshot posted on August 28, Lumeja had some questions of their own when it came to the legitimacy of the image. They circled certain sections in red, asking in Japanese whether some of the words were too spaced out to be real, and if ‘Social Club’ was supposed to be in English or not.

They were also curious as to why the currency would be dollars and not Japanese yen, but the fact that Rockstar is a Western developer could be an easy explanation for that.

“#SETcollabhiden 櫻井さん、ご確認ください。m(_ _)m
#bully #project,” the user said in a now-deleted tweet, alongside the image. According to ‘nioizoizuru‘ on the Bully 2 subreddit, the tweet caption reads “Please check with Mr Sakurai.” The meaning of this is unknown.

Twitter / Reddit: XiaoyumeThe now-deleted tweet with the image.

Of course, with every supposed ‘leak’, take everything that hasn’t been confirmed as real by the developer itself with a pinch of salt.

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