Blades in the Dark RPG actually in stock with a 20% discount

Jack Bye
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Take your chance to pick up an unforgettable TTRPG with innovative mechanics right now at less than the regular price.

Blades in the Dark is one of the most unique, critically acclaimed modern RPGs in circulation. The game has inspired recent industry successes like Critical Role’s Candela Obscura, and a TV adaptation of its excellent Gothic Horror setting is in production right now

Blades in the Dark’s demand can sometimes outstrip supply, but the game is back in stock right now and discounted to boot. Dropping a whole 20% from the standard price, this is close to the lowest that Amazon has ever offered the game.

Blades in the Dark thief, moon and rooftops

Blades in the Dark is anything but a typical TTRPG, foregrounding fast-paced heists in dimly-lit, haunted streets. The game’s improvisational, think-on-the-fly gameplay allows players to dive right into the action and build their plans on the fly, rather than being bogged down in hours of preparation.

Any fans of Arkane’s Dishonored franchise will be right at home here, as Blades in the Dark presents a similar gaslamp world of ghosts, ghouls, and gang warfare. In setting up a group of ne’er-do-wells, complete with hideout and criminal specialties, you’ll soon become invested in the gloom-draped city of Doskvol.

If the official setting isn’t to your liking, Blades in the Dark’s mechanics can easily be adapted to other settings, making this a perfect manual for DMs of all stripes to pore over.

Blades in the Dark is sure to appeal to anyone looking for a new take on TTRPGS. With fully-textured worldbuilding and snappy mechanics that keep the game moving at a clip, this game has so many innovations that players may struggle to return to other rulesets once they’ve given it a go.

Dive right into Blades in the Dark today and you’ll have your views on TTRPGS revolutionized, with years of potential skulking and skullduggery ahead.

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