Top Steam Deck games get up to killer 90% off at Humble

Joel Loynds
steam deck oled with ghost trick art which is recommended below

Humble’s latest sale collates a new batch of games ideal to be played on the Steam Deck, or your other handheld PCs with up to 90% off.

It’s another handheld PC video game sale from Humble, but this time, there are some fresh faces. While mainstays like Dredge, Cult of Lamb and Slay the Spire lead the charge, there’s a bounty of other titles to look at.

You can save up to 90% on a vast variety of games, including Steam Deck favorites like Monster Hunter Rise and Death’s Door.

The sale is effectively bringing together the multiple sales Humble is running, but filtering by what works on Steam Deck. Yes, you’re going to notice a large swath of Capcom games in here, as the developer is running its own sale at the moment.

We curate and update a full list of our favorite games to play on Steam Deck every month. However, here are some of our other top-tier recommendations for you to check out.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Originally released on DS and recently rereleased on PC, Ghost Trick sees you take the role of Sissel, a recently deceased man. Now a ghost, you’ll solve puzzles and prevent the deaths of others in an effort to solve the mystery behind his death.

It’s a little bit of trial-and-error, but it’s also got this incredibly sweet story that persists all the way through.

Shadow Warrior 2

If you’re after a game to zone out for a bit to, Shadow Warrior 2 is one of the best. The perfect sit back, relax, and take none of this seriously.

This isn’t to say it’s bad. In fact, the game is filled to the gills with loot and it moves at a seriously rapid pace. You can go from mere ninja with a gun, to this obliterating god in just a few short hours. It plays just fine with a controller and is one of those games that pairs excellently with your favorite TV show.

Hard Reset Redux

An odd shooter, Hard Reset appeared out of nowhere in 2011 and then was quietly updated with a remaster in 2016. It’s a short and sweet game, something you’d settle in for during an afternoon only to realize that you’ve finished it.

It wastes no time getting you into the thick of things, and if you’re a fan of strafing around enemies as you turn them into robotic mulch, this is for you. Hard Reset Redux is a great time on the Steam Deck, especially the OLED models as the thick cyberpunk atmosphere looks beautiful when backed by the new screen.

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