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With the PS5 and Xbox 2 looming, what are the best selling consoles of all time?

Published: 16/May/2019 13:34 Updated: 16/May/2019 15:05

by Paul Cot


Announcements confirming Microsoft and Sony’s next generation consoles are expected shortly, possibly at E3 2019. The PS5 title is inevitable, but the name of the next Xbox is still unknown.

Naturally, the period before major console releases brings excitement and anticipation throughout the gaming industry. While some consoles fail to live up to the often huge hype, others surpass expectations.

In light of the upcoming PS5 and “Xbox 2” releases, let’s take a look at the best selling consoles of all time. A lot of those on the list are expected, but others may surprise you.

Best selling consoles of all time

Here are the top 10 selling consoles of all time. Interestingly the list is dominated by Sony and Nintendo, with Microsoft only featuring once.


Console Manufacturer Release Year Units Sold (millions)
1 Playstation 2 Sony 2000 157.68*
2 Nintendo DS Nintendo 2004 154.02**
3 Game Boy, Game Boy Color Nintendo 1989, 1998 118.69**
4 Playstation Sony 1994 104.25*
5 Nintendo Wii Nintendo 2006 101.63**
6 Playstation 4 Sony 2013 88.06*
7 Playstation 3 Sony 2006 86.9*
8 Xbox 360 Microsoft 2005 85.5**
9 Game Boy Advance Nintendo 2001 81.51**
10 Playstation Portable (PSP) Sony 2004 80.82*

*Source: Guinness World Records
**Source: Nintendo

Playstation 2

Many would have guessed that the Playstation 2 would be the best selling console of all time. It seemed every household in the early 2000s had one.

The consoles vast array of titles, coupled with its PS1 backwards compatibility, made it a juggernaut.

Astonishingly, the PS2 has out sold all of Microsoft’s console offerings combined.

Sony/MicrosoftThe PS2 is the best selling console of all time. Microsoft first console, the Xbox, failed to get anywhere near it…

Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS marked Nintendo’s first handheld console that wasn’t called the Game Boy in some form. It followed on from the Game Boy Advance SP with its clam-shell design.

Improvements on the somewhat clunky original design of the DS were made in the form of the DSi and DSi XL.

Given the DS appears second on the list, it makes it the best selling handheld console ever.

NintendoTo the surprise of some, the Nintendo DS is the second best selling console of all time…

Game Boy and Game Boy Color

It’s perhaps a little questionable to compare these two mammoth consoles. However, as their games were compatible with one another, it is fair to do so.

By today’s standards, both of these consoles are ancient, but true portable gaming in the 1990s resulted in more than 100 million sales between them.

WikipediaThe Game Boy was the first mainstream handheld console…

Playstation 1

The Playstation 1, or often referred to as the PS1, was Sony’s furore into gaming. It was the beginning of Sony arguably becoming the most important player in the console market.

It ushered in the fifth generation of consoles, following on from the iconic SNES and Sega Genesis systems.

Sony/Nintendo/SegaThe PS1 competed with the N64 and Sega Dreamcast, beating them both…

Playstation 4

Sony’s PS4 is the only console on the list that is currently available in retailers. It has sold nearly 97 million units and will likely break the 100 million mark before it is discontinued.

Prior to its release, the battle between the PS4 and Xbox One was billed to be one of the biggest ever. However, several years later, Sony have won the battle and done so convincingly.

Surprisingly, the Xbox One failed to sell anywhere near as well the Playstation 4 having sold only 39.1 million units. Microsoft’s only entry into the top 10 came with the Xbox 360 with 84 million sales. This still fell short of its main competition at the time, the PS3.

Sony/MicrosoftThe PS4 massively outsold the Xbox One…

How will the PS5 and Xbox 2 fair?

The gaming industry, as a whole, continues to grow. Based on this it’s reasonable to expect both of Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles to be successful.

Historically, Microsoft have failed to reach the heights of their bitter rivals Sony. Both are expected to have PC level power, capable of 4K gaming at a minimum. With that power will come a relatively hefty price tag though.

This could diminish sales somewhat in terms of units sold, while keeping revenues high. How the dynamic will play out between the two remains to be seen, but anyone with an interest in gaming will be watching on the edge of their seat.

Call of Duty

Warzone players outraged as stats change protects hackers & SBMM abuse

Published: 16/Jan/2021 14:41 Updated: 16/Jan/2021 14:47

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Warzone players have aired their concerns with the recent changes making profile stats private following the companion app drama, with some players pointing out that the change helps cheaters hide from punishment. 

Like many other multiplayer games, Warzone has had its issues with both hackers and skill-based matchmaking ruining the experience for some players.

While they’ve both always been an annoyance, players recently discovered that some were using an app from the CoDTracker site, and another called ‘SBMMWarzone’, that helped them pick and choose their lobbies. These apps were, initially, meant to be used to root out cheaters, but it backfired and SBMM abuse became the primary use. 

Changes were made to the app to help quell the abuse, and Activision even made every Warzone account private so that the data couldn’t reach similar apps. However, that has caused annoyance as well.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Trailer Adler
Activision / Treyarch
SBMM in Black Ops Cold War & Warzone has been an issue for a while.

CoD YouTuber Drift0r pointed out that, given how annoying the new opt-in process is to share Warzone stats – and that it isn’t mandatory, either – players will simply choose to stay hidden. 

“Some of them (pro players and record holders) might not want to opt-in, or like me, might not be able too or it might take a while, which means that if anybody is cheating at a high level, either to get YouTube content or to stream tournaments, they can just opt out of all this and keep the cheating private,” he said.

The YouTuber noted that, while Activision might have the data on their end and could root out cheaters, it makes it harder for the community to assist them in that fight. 

Other players backed up Drift0r’s concerns about the cheating and SBMM abuse, with some offering up ideas for future changes. 

“They’ll literally do everything except just tone down SBMM, which would mitigate all these other issues,” said one player. “There’s an elephant in the room and its name is cheating. Activision just reopened the highway for cheating. Shameful,” added another.

Others, though, took a different slant, saying: “This officially ruined the game for me. I liked having public stats. It gave me something to work towards in improving… now what’s the point since no one can see them and I have nothing to compare mine to.”

As Drift0r notes, it could become a case where the opt-in process is made mandatory in the future, as it seems to a situation that is majorly in flux – given that there have been two changes in quick succession.

It could also be the case that Activision decides to not do anything else, and this is their final move. Though, given the outrage from the community, that seems unlikely.