Batman in line for major MultiVersus buff already

an image of batman in multi-versusWarner Brothers

Batman is set to receive numerous buffs in MultiVersus, as the DC Comics hero becomes one of the game’s more viable fighters.

MultiVersus brings together a pantheon of legendary characters from Warner Brothers, including Shaggy, Superman, and more. Iconic DC Comics vigilante Batman is part of the roster and is in line to become of the game’s best fighters for both new and experienced beat ’em up genre players.

As the developers tweak and improve MultiVersus ahead of its July launch, Batman is already scheduled to receive some game-changing buffs.

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Wonder Woman in MultiVersusWarner Bros.
MultiVersus includes other DC Comics characters such as Wonder Woman and Superman too.

MultiVersus devs detail fresh Batman buffs

According to MultiVersus Game Director, Tony Huynh, Batman has numerous buffs that will change how appealing the character is in battle.

If you’re looking to start using Batman in-game, expect the following buffs to be implemented soon:

  • While in smoke Batman and allies ignore enemy projectiles
  • Hitting with attacks while in smoke or 1 second after coming out of smoke will apply 5 stacks of weaken instead of 1
  • Up air 2 applies an electric dot (damage over time) for a few seconds
  • Air 1 go into 2 on hit more easily
  • Weaken once applied increases damage and knockback from subsequent attacks to that same target by 5% per stack

While there are plenty of changes to come for Batman in MultiVersus, Huynh did express that he’s “not sure if these will work, we’ll go into testing and try them out.”

MultiVersus held its closed alpha recently and will be available for multiple platforms this July.

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