MultiVersus dev reveals four Closed Alpha characters already in line for nerfs

. 1 month ago

The MultiVersus alpha is in full swing with players getting stuck into the Warner Bro’s fighting game. Though Game Director Tony Huynh has already announced some of the impact this testing phase will have on certain characters the Beta later this year.

The platform-fighting community has been welcoming its newest child in the form of MultiVersus, with a character roster pulled from the enormous list of Warner Bro’s IP.

With the trial period for gaming an essential part in the never-ending balancing act of multi-character Smash style games, it’s pleasing to see that the MultiVersus Closed Alpha Technical Test is already having an impact.

The Alpha went live on May 19, with early reviews calling it ‘too addicting‘. Keeping an eye on feedback, Game Director Tony Huynh announced on Twitter that devs are already looking at toning down some of the characters.

Initially thanking the player base for their input throughout this process, Tony referenced everyone involved in aiding the QA department.

This has caused an avalanche of player-found bugs to be reported directly to Huynh. All part of the Alpha process in action, and a refreshing insight into the game-making process.

The majority of the bug reporting was detailing certain character interactions. Taz lived up to the character’s chaotic nature with many noting a glitch where the character model turns invisible.

In response to a comment that “some of the characters need nerfs” Tony showed himself actively responding to the fanbase and announcing that reworks of a few characters were underway.

The four characters mentioned were “Finn, Jake, Harley (Quinn), and Reindog”. Showing that the Adventure Time leads simply can’t be controlled. No matter the medium.


With the game’s only original character to date, Reindog, being declared OP, it’s clear that the team will be wanting their creation to stand tall in the game’s meta.

The Alpha is currently playing through until May 27 to give the dev team enough time to make any and all changes spotted through this process. Hopefully, this leads to a clean launch of the beta in July 2022. 

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