Back 4 Blood Cards explained: how to get them & how they work

B4B CardsTurtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood is love song to the Left 4 Dead franchise and its looking to reignite the fire that many fans first underwent when these games were originally released. We’re once again going to be taking down endless waves of zombies, but this time with Cards so here’s everything you need to know! 

Fighting off numerous zombies within a linear level is the concept that Left 4 Dead introduced when the titles released back in 2008, and these quickly became one of Valve’s beloved titles in their library of games.

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Now, some of the original developers behind the IP are back once again, and this time around they are creating a modern-day version of the genre in Back 4 Blood.

With lots of homages to the critically acclaimed games, there’re some new aspects within Back 4 Blood such as Cards that may be tricky to understand at first glance.

We’re going to run over this mechanic and how you’ll be able to find them!

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Turtle Rock Studios
Back 4 Blood features a flurry of zombie types within the game!

What are Cards in Back 4 Blood

This is one of the new concepts that Turtle Rock Studios have implemented within Back 4 Blood, and Cards are going to be one of the essential components before you dive into a mission.

They grant the player certain boosts to aspects such as Health, Ammo, and Stamina within their run, and also have other characteristics such as using a knife for a melee attack rather than a fist. Or, starting the mission with increase reload speed and a chance to regen health for every melee kill.

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At the onset of every run, you’ll be able to draw a new card from a select few, and players will also have the opportunity to customize cards they’ll automatically bring into the mission every time, regardless of the draw.

b4b cardsTurtle Rock Studios
Every character has specific cards designated to them within the game.

This is a feature system Turtle Rock Studios are experimenting with. They’ve done an incredible job at balancing the cards between all the characters and players will also be able to obtain them in a variety of ways.

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How to get Cards in Back 4 Blood

Players will have numerous routes to obtain these Cards within the game.

Not only will you begin with some during your initial playthrough, over the course of the game you’ll gain Supply Points. You can spend these points can back at camp to unlock more of them.

Furthermore, within the maps, there are often hidden cards players can purchase in exchange for Cooper, which will stay on your character.

Last but not least, when selecting the cards you’ll take into campaign missions, this is where you’ll find a lot of the ones you already have access too, as some characters have ones specific to them. Along with the Cards that are available to all players, no matter the character they’re playing as!

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