Back 4 Blood best weapons: Assault rifles, snipers, shotguns, & pistols

Alex Garton. Last updated: Oct 11, 2021
Back 4 Blood characters aiming
Turtle Rock Studios

With hordes of undead zombies to teardown, it’s key you pick up a weapon in Back 4 Blood that deals a serious amount of damage and can get you out of difficult situations.

Back 4 Blood has finally arrived and one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make in-game is your choice of weapon.

With a variety of sniper rifles, ARs, LMGs, SMGs, pistols, and shotguns to choose from, there’s guaranteed to be a gun or melee weapon that fits your playstyle.

While selecting your ideal weapon all comes down to preference, it’s always nice to know which options are considered the best in each category, so we’ve created a list that does exactly that.


How to buy and find weapons in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood Holly shooting
Turtle Rock Studios
Weapons can be found in supply boxes or bought in safe rooms.

Unlike a lot of FPS titles, Back 4 Blood doesn’t allow players to create a class of their choice and take it into the campaign. Instead, you’ll have to scavenge weapons throughout the levels or purchase them from a safe room shop.

The guns or melee weapons available to purchase in safe rooms are completely random, so don’t expect to see your favorite weapon available every single time.

Instead, you’ll have to find upgrades while taking on different sections of the game, so never be afraid to drop a weapon for another if it doesn’t fit your playstyle.

Best Sniper Rifle in Back 4 Blood: M1A

M1A Sniper Rifle Back 4 Blood
Turtle Rock Studios
The M1A sniper rifle in Back 4 Blood.

Sniper rifles may not be the go-to weapon for the majority of zombie slayers, but for those who prefer to keep their distance and deal damage from afar, the M1A is a perfect choice.

While it may not be as powerful as the other snipers, its high rate of fire is what sets it apart from the competition and will prevent you from being overwhelmed by an undead horde.

Best Light Machine Gun in Back 4 Blood: M249

M249 LMG Back 4 Blood
Turtle Rock Studios
The M249 LMG in Back 4 Blood.

If you’re facing a horde of undead opponents, there are very few weapons that will outclass the M249. With a huge magazine size and plenty of power, this gun is capable of taking out countless zombies with ease.

However, with a slow reload time, you’ll need a reliable secondary or a fast mag attachment to stop you from being surrounded and taken down.

Best Assault Rifle in Back 4 Blood: M4 Carbine

M4 Carbine Back 4 Blood
Turtle Rock Studios
The M4 Carbine in Back 4 Blood.

For most Back 4 Blood players, a reliable assault rifle will be their choice of weapon and if that’s you, then be on the lookout for the M4 Carbine.

With a relatively steady recoil pattern, high damage output, and plenty of mobility, this is a well-rounded gun no matter what situation you’re in. Just make sure you prioritize finding a magazine so you can take out more zombies without having to reload.

Best Sidearm in Back 4 Blood: Tec 9

Tec-9 Back 4 Blood
Turtle Rock Studios
The Tec-9 in Back 4 Blood.

When you’re on the ropes and running out of bullets for your primary weapon, it’s key you have a reliable sidearm that can save the day.

While pistols are strong at medium range, it’s better to have the Tec-9 equipped so you have another automatic weapon to spray down zombies at close range.

Not only does the weapon output a lot of damage, but it also has great hip-fire, making it easy to defeat countless undead enemies.

Best Melee Weapon in Back 4 Blood: Fire Axe

Fire Axe Back 4 Blood
Turtle Rock Studios
The Fire Axe in Back 4 Blood.

If gunning down zombies isn’t your style, it may be time to pick up a melee weapon and begin slashing your way through the levels. While there are multiple choices, we recommend using the Fire Axe.

This huge melee weapon deal huge amounts of damage and although it uses a lot of stamina, that can be made up for by using a custom-built deck before starting the campaign.

Best Submachine Gun in Back 4 Blood: MP5

MP5 Back 4 Blood
Turtle Rock Studios
The MP5 in Back 4 Blood.

While ARs and LMGs are strong, they don’t have the mobility of an SMG so if you prefer running around, consider picking up the MP5.

This pint-sized SMG deals a hefty amount of damage and although it’s lacking in magazine size, that can be fixed by finding an attachment during your playthrough.

Don’t forget to make use of your mobility and reload speed by kiting undead hordes around an area until they’re all defeated.

Best Shotgun in Back 4 Blood: AA12

AA12 Shotgun Back 4 Blood
Turtle Rock Studios
The AA12 Shotgun in Back 4 Blood.

Who doesn’t love blasting down zombies at close-range with a shotgun? If that’s your preferred playstyle in Back 4 Blood, then find yourself an AA12 as you definitely won’t regret it.

This high fire rate shotgun absolutely shreds through hordes of enemies at close quarters, but keep in mind it is harder to target weak spots with this weapon.

So, we recommend using a more precise sidearm if you’re going to run this deadly shotgun.

So, there you have it, those are our picks for the best weapons in Back 4 Blood, no matter which playstyle you prefer.

Don’t forget you can test out all these weapons in the practice range before you hop into the campaign, so make sure you sharpen your skills before jumping into the action.