Asmongold spotlights a small indie game and makes it an overnight hit

Samantha Giambra
Asmongold plays Halls of Torment

The small indie bullet-hell game Halls of Torment has blown up seemingly overnight as Asmongold claims it to be his “favorite game.”

Both developed and published by Chasing Carrots, the once-obscure indie action game Halls of Torment has reached insane new heights in terms of its player base. Yesterday, after Asmongold posted a YouTube video highlighting the game, the in-game player count on SteamDB jumped from 1k to 13k in a matter of hours.

Today, the game is at a whopping 20k players in-game after Asmogold posted yet another YouTube video of him playing the game titled “My Favorite Gаmе Is Blowing Up”.

With so many triple-A games having massive marketing budgets behind them, it’s common for great games from smaller studios to get pushed under the tide of the year’s biggest titles.

Halls of Torment blows up after Asmongold shows it off

Reaching almost 21k at its all-time peak, the game showcases intense fights, seemingly never-ending barrages of bullets, and massive amounts of enemies rushing the player at once.

There are multiple characters to choose from, ranging from melee to ranged, and three different stages to choose from. Only allowing players to choose one item to take into combat, the game provides high stakes and several abilities to choose from to step up your combat style.

Asmongold mentions that the game is “unironically blowing up”, something made apparent by the significant number of players downloading the game after seeing the streamer shine a spotlight on it. Asmongold states that he was supposed to play the game years ago as he promised, but finally got around to it recently.

Joking about the price, as it is now on sale for $3.99, he tells his viewers to “unironically” buy the game if they like what they see and even compares it to the early stages of Diablo 2.

Asmongold has been outspoken about his enjoyment of Halls of Torment and has continued to post content about it on his channel. Who knows what indie gems he could uncover next?