Asmongold gives brutally honest verdict on “Genshin killer” Tower of Fantasy

James Busby
Tower of Fantasy official artwork

Asmongold has been busy delving into Tower of Fantasy, a new anime open world game that shares a lot of similarities to Genshin Impact. Here’s what he had to say about the new free to play title. 

Popular Twitch streamer, Asmongold has given his early impression on Tower of Fantasy – a new game that has been dubbed as the “Genshin Impact killer.” Asmongold has been critical of Genshin Impact in the past, especially when it comes to the game’s microtransactions which have put him off from venturing into Teyvat. 

However, the streamer has recently been playing through Tower of Fantasy, which shares a lot of similarities with Genshin. In fact, there has been a lot of hype surrounding this game, with many players hoping that it will provide some healthy competition for HoYoverse. 

While it still may be early days for Tower of Fantasy, Asmongold has revealed his honest thoughts on his experience with the game so far. 

Asmongold reveals first impressions of Tower of Fantasy

Unlike Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy features PVP, which enables players to face off against players in competitive battles. Not only does this give Wanderers the chance to flex their in-game mechanics, but it also incentives obtaining the very best builds and characters, which is largely done through the game’s various banners. 

While Tower of Fantasy is fairly generous with its free in-game currencies, those with deep pockets will of course greatly benefit the most. “Thoughts on Tower of Fantasy, this is a P2W gatcha game with limited P2W in PvP,” explained Asmongold. “The story is ok. About the same quality as Lost Ark, and the combat is decent, [but I’m] still getting used to it”.

While there are definite similarities to Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy does seem to come with its own charm. In fact, Asmongold noted how the “World looks good” and how, unlike Genshin, it has “a lot of A-B tier content with less S or F Tier content”.

Whether Asmongold will adjust his current impressions of Tower of Fantasy remains to be seen, but so far, the streamer seems to have largely mixed views. Of course, time will only tell whether the free to play title will truly be the “Genshin Impact killer” fans had hoped for.