Asmongold explains why he doesn’t play Genshin Impact


Twitch star Asmongold gave his opinion on why he doesn’t play Genshin Impact while viewing Gamescom’s opening night with his fans.

Asmongold has shifted gears as of late, switching from being a dedicated World of Warcraft streamer to a variety-MMO streamer. He’s ventured into the worlds of FFXIV Online, as well as the New World beta, and his viewer count has skyrocketed, making him one of the most popular streamers on Twitch right now.

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While streaming his live view of Gamescom, he had some choice words for Genshin Impact, admitting the game looks fun but sharing one main reason why he doesn’t play or stream it.

Asmongold isn’t one to hold back his opinions in the gaming world.

Asmongold on Genshin Impact

As a symphony orchestra played the Genshin Impact theme at Gamecom, Asmongold said, “I would play Genshin Impact if it didn’t have all that bulls**t in it. I would, it looks like a good game.”

When a logo for an upcoming concert for the game popped up, showing the game’s characters playing various instruments, Asmon said, “I like how they superimposed a bunch of anime girls on there, ya know?”

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The “bulls**t” Asmon refers to is likely the game’s microtransaction system that allows players to spend incredible amounts of money in-game.

Asmon has been heavily critical of games that offer visual upgrades for cash, and to him, Genshin is the absolute biggest offender. Asmon likely saw the orchestra as just one big ad for the game during Gamescom.

asmongold genshinAsmongold/ Genshin Impact
Asmongold enjoying the Genshin Impact concert during Gamescom.

These microtransactions are what have turned him off of playing and streaming what he otherwise calls a “good game.”

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Twitch streamer LilyPichu recently joined Genshin as the English voice actor of the character Sayu, debuting in the game on August 10.