Alan Wake 2 voice actor potentially leaks release month for the upcoming sequel

Jeremy Gan

Alan Wake’s voice actor may have potentially leaked the release month for the upcoming sequel in a podcast. 

Despite Alan Wake’s status in the grand scheme of video games from the 2010s not being very large, it is one of its studio’s most important. As the game would go one to greatly influence its future releases in Quantum Break and Control

Alan Wake 2 was announced in the 2021 Game Awards, however, it has been silent since then and no news of the game’s release has been confirmed. Despite the long-awaited sequel being confirmed to have a 2023 release window, Remedy Entertainment had yet to announce a proper release date. 

However, it seems the voice actor of the titular character may have accidentally leaked its release month, and if he is right, we’d be seeing the game around October. 

In an episode of the Monsters, Madness and Magic podcast featuring Matthew Porreta, the voice actor of Alan Wake, they got into a conversation about Alan Wake and Porretta off-handedly mentions its potential release window of October. 

Alan Wake voice actor potentially leaks release month of sequel

“I’ve been working on it, that’s supposed to come out in October, but we’re in the middle of working on it now,” he said when answering a question about his work on the game. 

He further talks about his work on Alan Wake 2, “in fact I was just in Finland the last week, that’s where the company is from.” 

He even delves into who he got casted as Alan Wake, saying, “I went in to audition and six month later my agent called me up and was like ‘hey remember that video game you went in for?’ ‘no’ I said”

Even reflecting on how much time has passed between the first game and its upcoming sequel, and how much bigger video games have become. 

However, it has to be remembered that Porreta’s accidentally slip of the tongue about Alan Wake 2’s release may not be true as Remedy is yet to officially announce a solid date.