Kenny Omega explains why AEW Fight Forever doesn’t have a release date

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During a Swerve City Podcast appearance, Kenny Omega explained why AEW Fight Forever still lacks a firm release date.

Fans of pro wrestling have long awaited the day when 2K Games’ WWE 2K series would receive proper competition on the market.

Both All Elite Wrestling and the game’s developer, ‘Yuke’s,’ mean to make that happen upon rolling out AEW Fight Forever. As of now, however, there’s no official word on when that day will come.

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The wrestling title initially bore a 2022 launch window; now, it’s expected to arrive sometime in 2023. Fortunately, one person familiar with the game’s development has offered insight into why the wait has yet to end.

Kenny Omega explains AEW Fight Forever’s delayed release

Appearing on episode 59 of the Swerve City Podcast (via VGC), Kenny Omega confirmed the reason behind the long wait for AEW Fight Forever.

The Cleaner informed the podcast hosts that developers are working to “scale back” the content to secure a “T” rating from the ESRB. Apparently, older builds of the game allowed things to get pretty bloody in the ring.

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Omega shared the following: “I’m not too sure how much we had to scale it back, but man, I loved it. You could make the ring look like a murder scene if you wanted to. I hope there’s still some way to get a semblance of that, I hope we haven’t dumbed it down too much.”

Ratings-related setbacks may also affect the roster of playable wrestlers, Omega added. “The longer time goes by, this finished product that we have is going to be a little dated.”

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It seems Omega’s biggest concern is that once the title finally hits, users may notice that some fighters they’ve recently started seeing in AEW matches won’t appear in-game.

How much this potential issue will impact the overall experience remains to be seen, especially since details about AEW Fight Forever’s release are still vague.

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