4 franchises we want rebooted on PlayStation 5

Published: 13/Jun/2020 0:12

by Michael Gwilliam


With June 11’s PS5 reveal in the books and several major games announced, there’s still plenty of dormant franchises ripe for rebooting on the new Sony console.

Considering how successful reboots have been for franchises such as Tomb Raider and, most recently, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, developers definitely have good reasons to consider breathing some life into forgotten IPs.

Here’s our list for four franchises in dire need of a reboot on the PlayStation 5.

Twisted Metal

Fans have been wanted a new Twisted Metal for a while.

With the last major games in this chaotic car combat series released in 2012, Twisted Metal is a gem that deserves a makeover on a next-gen console.

A reimagining of Twisted Metal for a new generation with a major overhaul to its gameplay while maintaining the IP’s ruthlessness could be just what the doctor ordered – especially if the insanity dial is on an 11.

PaRappa the Rapper

Who doesn’t love PaRappa?

This PlayStation classic is considered to be one of the first rhythm games ever created, and hasn’t seen a mainline entry in the series since its direct sequel on the PS2 in 2001.

Given how cute games with catchy songs such as Bugsnax are releasing on PS5, a new PaRappa title could be prime in an age where edibles are more accessible and acceptable than ever before.

The last time players got a chance to play as PaRappa was back on the fighting game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, speaking of which…

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

PlayStation All Stars should double down on being a Smash copycat.

This Super Smash Bros clone originally appeared on the PS3 and PSVita, though was met with mixed reviews.

Since then, the game has been in limbo, which is just a sad state for a celebration of Sony’s success in the video game industry.

With all the new IPs added since the game’s release such as Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last of Us, there could be plenty of new fighter options. Ideally, however, the developers should just completely match Smash’s percentage-based combat system and provide players with the netcode gamers deserve – something Nintendo hasn’t been able to.

Max Payne

No one does noir like Max Payne.

Rockstar announced that Grand Theft Auto V would be making its way to PS5 with an enhanced version, but it seems like the bullet time noir spectacle of Max Payne has been put on the backburner once more.

With no games in the series since Max Payne 3 back on the Xbox 360 and PS3, a return to form for the stylish shooter on next-gen graphics would be a welcome addition.

Did we leave anything out? What series do you want to see? Hit us up over on Twitter at @Dexerto.


Pokemon Sword & Shield community divided over Go “easter egg”

Published: 27/Jan/2021 21:56

by Brent Koepp


The Pokemon Sword & Shield community was left divided when a player claimed to have discovered a Go easter egg in the Galar region. If real, the nod to the Niantic title went unnoticed by many players for an entire year.

Despite releasing in 2019, Sword & Shield players are still finding out new things about the Gen 8 title. One Trainer surprised fans when they claimed to have found a Pokemon Go easter egg that was in plain sight all along.

If true, the Galar region location would not only be a neat nod to the wildly popular mobile game, but it also would raises some serious questions about the series’ lore. However, not everyone is convinced.

Screenshot of Pokemon Sword & Shield logo over Go background.
Game Freak / Niantic
A viral post claims there is a Pokemon Go easter egg in Sword & Shield.

Pokemon Go “easter egg” in Sword & Shield sparks discussion

Many players who have long since become the Galar Champion are incredibly familiar with the wintery town of Circhester. However, sitting in the heated bath waters flowing throughout the city is supposedly a Go monument.

According to Pokemon fan ‘HumanManBoy‘s post, the mid-game location features a Pokestop statue. “I haven’t seen this anywhere online but In circhester there is a pokestop,” they wrote.

Pokestops are where Trainers go to in the mobile title to spin for items and new research. While Gen 8 players had seen the Circhester monument in passing, many had never stopped to realize that it could be a nod to Pokemon Go.

I haven’t seen this anywhere online but In circhester there is a pokestop from pokemon

“How tf I didn’t notice that?” a user exclaimed upon seeing the image. One player replied, “I was wondering why it looked so familiar.” Many others were just shocked that they had seen the monument before and never made the connection: “Oh my god! I never saw that lol”

Screenshot of Pokemon Sword & Shield players reacting to supposed Go Easter Egg.

A handful of Trainers were unconvinced. Several users argued that it’s just a Pokeball statue, and doesn’t actually look like a Pokestop. “That’s just the shape of a Pokeball,” a fan replied. Another player exclaimed, “That isn’t what a Pokestop looks like. The only similarity is that its the standard Pokeball icon.” To be fair, while the two have similarities, they also look fairly different upon closer examination.

Screenshot of Pokemon Sword & Shield players doubting Go Easter Egg.

Assuming that the Circhester statue is in fact a nod to a Pokestop, it had players wondering if people in the Pokemon franchise actually play Go. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched considering past titles featured consoles in-game such as the Nintendo Switch.

While not all fans could agree on whether the monument was actually a hidden nod to the Niantic title, it still sparked an interesting discussion. Whether real or not, the community seemed thrilled with the aspect of Sword & Shield having a mobile-themed easter egg.