What happens when you reach 100% completion in God of War Ragnarok?

Brad Norton
God of War Ragnarok gameplay

If you’re striving for 100% completion in God of War Ragnarok by clearing all side content and unearthing every collectible, what awaits when you reach the milestone?

No different from the 2018 reboot, God of War Ragnarok features an abundance of content to enjoy outside of the main storyline. From Odin’s Ravens scattered throughout the realms to extremely tough Berserker fights, there’s plenty left to tick off after credits roll.

With more realms now open and larger areas to explore, there’s even more to do this time around compared to the original. But is it truly worth the time investment to get through absolutely everything? Here’s what you need to know.


From this point on we’ll be entering spoiler territory and discussing many of the biggest surprises throughout God of War Ragnarok. We highly recommend you experience the story for yourself before reading any further, as many twists and turns are best discovered in your own playthrough. But if you’re still here, continue down the page at your own risk.

100% completion in God of War Ragnarok: What does it get you?

In short, hitting 100% completion across every realm in God of War Ragnarok doesn’t come with its own bonus reward. As far as we could tell from our own playthrough, no additional content opens up, no equipment is unlocked, there’s no Trophy, and there’s no post-credits scene exclusively available to those who do everything.

If you’re scouring every corner of the game for collectibles and pushing yourself against the toughest boss fights, it’s worth keeping in mind nothing else comes from reaching 100%. Rather, it’s the rewards along the way making the grind worthwhile.

God of War Ragnarok 100% completion
Hitting 100% completion across all realms is an achievement in itself, but don’t expect any bonus rewards just for getting there.

From valuable resources to the most powerful weapon upgrades and armor pieces on offer, completing as much of Ragnarok as possible is your key to the absolute best builds. So it’s definitely still worth the effort in reaching that ultimate goal of 100% completion.

Perhaps down the line, with the addition of New Game Plus, we might have more of an incentive to thoroughly clear out the entire game. Given the original game saw new rarities, upgrades, and full armor sets added through this mode, there’s every chance the same happens here in the sequel.

We’ll be sure to update you here should things change in the near future with God of War Ragnarok.

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