10 best WWE 2K22 Community Creations you need to download

an image of community creations in wwe 2k222K Games

Wondering what are the best Community Creations in WWE 2k22? From Marvel characters to sheer obscurity, we’ve put together the best wrestlers that you need to download right now.

WWE 2K22 brought players another heavy helping of wrestling carnage, but half of the fun lies within the incredible Community Creations aspect of the game.

The developers know you’ll likely tire of the standard roster and that’s where the magic of custom characters comes in, which include Dr Disrespect himself.

There are thousands of characters to acquire and it can be overwhelming to select your next contender. Here are 10 of the best to get you started.


an image of venom in wwe 2k22YouTube: mrApchem, Marvel, 2K Games
Let there carnage in the ring as Eddie Brock aka Venom fights for the title.

Venom (Marvel)

While Spider-Man might be the go-to for most Marvel fans, his iconic symbiotic villain Venom deserves a time to shine. Not only does this Community Creation capture his intimidating physical presence, but the comic accurate depiction of his 90s-style look is brilliant. Embrace the evil with StoneColdFiend’s addition to the game.

Will Smith

Creator GamerKeasy understood the assignment with this one. With years of successful action blockbusters behind him, players can be assured that Will Smith will slap his opponents into submission.

There are a few variants of Will Smith available via Community Creations, but this formal attire iteration is a bonafide showstopper.

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Dr Disrespect

The Two-Time champ arrives in WWE 2k22 courtesy of TikTok user mg21tv. From Warzone to Apex Legends, The Doc has seen and done it all. Testing his mettle in the ring is the logical next step for gaming’s ultimate champion.

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If you haven’t got out of his swamp yet we recommend making a run for it. Towering above everyone in the ring, creator ShrekLover made sure that Shrek is a formidable foe ready to lack the smackdown on anyone in his way. If you prefer to dominate your rivals with pure power, Shrek is a worthy addition to your roster.

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Based on his aesthetic in 1998, WWE 2k22 creator Bondieee has brought Kane to life through the power of Community Creations. Formerly a brother of destruction with The Undertaker, Kane was first unmasked in 2003 after losing a World Championship match against Triple H.

Now you can honor the legacy of a wrestling legend with this fantastic recreation of arguably his most iconic look.

Bondieee, ElementGames, 2K Games
Kane’s feud and eventual team-up with The Undertaker captivated WWE fans for years.

The Big Show

Dwayne Johnson famously referred to this wrestling legend as “The Big Slow” but you’d be severely wrong to underestimate this one. Added into WWE 2k22 by GRMNQuality, The Big Show dons his classic spandex and is ready to obliterate the competition.

an image of the big show in wwe 2k22YouTube: Mr LT, GRMNQuality, 2K Games
The Big Show, formerly known as The Giant, left WWE in 2021.

Homer Simpson

We honestly don’t know whether to be scared or laugh at this truly bizarre creation from SquaredSplashTube. Clearly a long way from his hometown of Springfield, Homer Simpson is gearing up to put it all on the line for a shot at the title.

an image of homer simpson in wwe 2k22YouTube: HawkeyGaming, SquaredSplashTube, 2K Games
Homer Simpson isn’t coming home for dinner tonight, Marge.


While Paige may have retired due to health concerns, some are still hopeful she’ll make a return to the ring one day. Paige herself was surprised to be left out of WWE 2k22’s roster, so it’s great to see MrAlterNation bring her into the game.

an image of paige in wwe 2k22YouTube: Too Sweet Gameplays, MrAlterNation,2K Games
Paige ushered in a new wave of fans thanks to her biopic that starred Florence Pugh.

Big Smoke

Aside from ordering every item on the Cluckin’ Bell menu, GTA: San Andreas favorite Big Smoke is seemingly a worthwhile fighter too. Recreated faithfully by DirectorConchairitoLTD, players can find Big Smoke among the most downloaded players in the game and it’s easy to see why.

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Logan Paul

You don’t need to wait for Logan Paul’s officially released wrestler to hit the game, thanks to DrSensationNA. After making his WWE debut in Wrestlemania 38, Logan Paul is ready to go toe-to-toe, no matter what the threat is.

an image of logan paul in wwe 2k22YouTube: JayLock, 2K Games
Logan Paul made the transition into the WWE with Wrestlemania 38.

And there you have it, we’re sure more incredible fighters will appear, but these WWE 2k22 Community Creations are essential to your roster.