Need for Speed: Unbound car list is making Forza fans jealous already

Need for Speed twitter milkshake brain cry about itNeed for Speed: Unbound

Need For Speed: Unbound unveiled its complete car list, and some of the big car brands included have Forza Horizon fans green with envy.

Need For Speed Unbound releases on December 2. The game art style takes inspiration from graffiti art and musical artist A$AP Rocky appears in-game as a character. Anticipation is high for the latest NFS entry, but Unbound recently made headlines for the wrong reasons.

The NFS social media manager went off on an unsuspecting fan, telling someone on Twitter they had a “milkshake brain” and that they should “cry about it.” Berating fans didn’t go over well with the NFS community, but the game’s impressive car list helped ease tensions.

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So much so that it caught the eye of Forza fans, wishing their garage packed a similar caliber of firepower.

some cars ready to race in NFS UnboundCriterion Games / YouTube: Need For Speed
There will be plenty of cars to race in when NFS Unbound releases.

Need for Speed Unbound car list shocks Forza fans

A Reddit user started debates by pointing out, “Alfa Romeo is in Need for Speed Unbound and not Forza Horizon 5?”

Forza Horizon 5 features over 530 cars from some of the world’s biggest manufacturers, but fans would want nothing more to get their hands on a vehicle like the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifologio.

One user responded, “As if Microsoft can’t afford it. They just don’t want to. Instead, we get a bunch of random Chinese knockoffs that nobody ever heard of and recycled crap from previous games.”

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A second player added, “I believe Forza isn’t putting in any effort to bring in the manufacturers we want.”

Theories circulated through the thread, as a third user claimed, “Okay, I’m fully convinced Stellantis is done restructuring and Forza is just di***** around not relicensing them, wow.”

It’s clear some Forza fans won’t be satisfied until some heavy hitters get added to their series in response.