Forza Horizon 5 glitch shows “blatant” cheating from AI drivers

David Purcell
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Forza Horizon 5’s A.I. drivers have been accused of cheating in races after new shocking footage emerged, revealing how they catch up to frontrunners so fast.

There is a wide variety of fast cars to choose from in the newest installment of the series, but there’s nothing on the market that has the ability to phase through mountains to potentially win races.

Oddly enough, those same rules don’t apply for the drivatars that fill up each circuit in the game.

Shocking new footage has emerged that suggests a bug that previously plagued Forza Motorsport 7 has returned, making races much harder to win if you’re not on your A-game.

Forza Horizon 5 glitch shows AI drivers cutting corners

Playground Games
Forza Horizon 5 AI drivers can catch you a lot easier with this glitch.

Think about it: when you’re driving around and leading a race, you don’t have time to look in the rearview mirror the whole time to see what other AI drivers are doing.

However, one player has taken the time to investigate and it doesn’t look great for Playground Games.

As seen in a Reddit clip below, from user Spunky036, in one offroad track the drivatars can be seen phasing right through the mountain to close the gap between them and the leader.

They said: “You can not tell me the A.I. doesn’t cheat after seeing this…”

Players react

One player replied: “That explains how the drivatars were able to catch up so quick. I thought something was going on, figured it was some sort of rubber banding.”

Another said: “This was also the case in Motorsport 7, it was ridiculous at launch. If you raced an F1 car against E-class cars you got to see the world’s biggest sh**show, however. Luckily they patched it out, and it’s (almost) nonexistent.”

“This is disappointingly blatant, too.”

Whether or not this is something on the dev team’s radar remains to be seen, but clearly, it calls into question the integrity of some races players go on to lose. If you have been affected, be sure to reply to the thread on Reddit and raise awareness.