Young Fortnite players are heartbroken after losing game with FaZe Cizzorz - Dexerto

Young Fortnite players are heartbroken after losing game with FaZe Cizzorz

Published: 10/Nov/2018 1:00 Updated: 22/Jan/2020 12:59

by Wyatt Donigan


Getting to play a game of Fortnite with a popular streamer is the dream of many players, but sometimes that dream is cut short, as these young fans found out the hard way. 

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Many Fortnite streamers will frequently play random duos or squads as a way of interacting with unsuspecting fans, making for some hilarious stream moments.

FaZe Clan streamer ‘Cizzorz’ was doing just that when he ran into a huge fans that simply couldn’t control himself the whole time.

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Once he loads into the game, Cizzorz asks his duo partner if he’s there and it’s at that point that the player recognizes who they’re playing with and loses their mind.


“Are you the real one? No way!” yells the young fan as the players choose a landing spot. “It’s him! That’s him!!”

This goes on for a couple minutes as the reality of the situation sets in on the player and his friends in the room with him.

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The pair makes it pretty far in the game before eventually the youngster is taken down, leaving Cizzorz to finish out the game on his own.

He puts up a valiant effort but is eventually eliminated and the duo comes in fifth place. Immediately after Cizzorz dies, the kids completely lose it, pleading for the moment to not end.


They yell variations of “No!” and “Please no!” over and over as Cizzorz thanks them for the time and tells them to have a great day.

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Clearly unsure of what exactly just happened, Cizzorz stares blankly at the camera as he queues up for the next game.

The kids might have been sad for the game to be over, but at least they’ll always be able to say they played with one of the biggest Fortnite streamers on Twitch.