You can fly with the new Quadcrasher vehicle in Fortnite

The brand new Quadcrasher vehicle added to Fortnite in the latest update, v6.10, might surprise you, as it is more than just a land vehicle.

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The official description for the Quadcrasher provided by Epic Games – “Propel yourself and a friend into battle with this new two-seater vehicle” – doesn’t give much away.

But, when they say ‘propel’, they mean it quite literally, as you can launch yourself (and a friend) high into the air with this insane looking vehicle.

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With a large powerful thruster fitted to the rear end, the Quadcrusher can take off like a jet engine, and if you find yourself a small ramp or hill, you can get some serious airtime.

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And just like the ATK (Golf Buggy), you will also get high scores depending on how impressive your jump was, measuring distance and flair.

Team Liquid’s Chap was one of the first Fortnite players to test out the new Quadcrusher, and used both it’s back thruster and front ram to soar out of Tomato Temple.

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In fact, you don’t even really need a ramp to pull off a crazy jump with the Quadcrasher, as the thruster mechanic will simply launch you into the air no matter what, as Chap again found out.

This time he rolled off the edge of Dusty Divot, thrust mid fall, and was sent spinning back in the direction from whence he came.

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Of course, the main purpose of the Quadcrusher is to actually crush, and it is pretty good at that too.

By simply ramming any wall or structure with this thing will tear it down, which will be useful for making escapes as well as taking down enemy builds.

It’s not clear just yet how often the Quadcrasher spawns, or every location to find it on the map, but if you see one you will most definitely want to give it a shot.

It is easily the most useful vehicle so far, providing some functional utility other than simply faster travel, unlike the Shopping Carts or ATK.

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