Where to collect Records at Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs in Fortnite

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Fortnite collect records
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One of this week’s Legendary quests in Fortnite Season 7 tasks players with collecting Records from two separate locations on the Island: Pleasant Park or Craggy Cliffs.

Weekly challenges are the quickest way for Fortnite players to earn XP, level up their Battle Pass, and unlock some sweet skins and cosmetics. Thankfully, Epic Games are keeping them coming throughout Chapter 2 Season 7.

As well as collecting Parenting Books and constructing a Wooden Hatchery, gamers will need to find and collect Records hidden around Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs in order to tick off all of this week’s Legendary quests.

If you know where to look, you’ll be able to complete this quest in no time at all – so we’ve put together a simple guide with handy maps of the Record locations at both POIs on the Fortnite map.

Fortnite Record locations at Pleasant Park

fortnite records at pleasant park

Here are all of the Record locations at Pleasant Park in Fortnite:

  • On the ground floor of the white house on the west side of Pleasant Park.
  • Next to a small wooden cupboard in the northwest house at Pleasant Park.
  • At the bottom of the stairs in the brick house north of Pleasant Park.
  • Next to the TV in the house northeast of Pleasant Park.
  • On the first floor of the building southeast of Pleasant Park.

Records appear in purple boxes, so they’re not too hard to spot.

There are five Records to be found at Pleasant Park, which makes it an easy place to complete this challenge. It is a busy location, though, so you might find it less dangerous to visit Craggy Cliffs instead.

Fortnite Record locations at Craggy Cliffs

Fortnite record locations at craggy cliffs

Here are all of the Record locations at Craggy Cliffs in Fortnite:

  • In the small building on the cliff west of Craggy Cliffs. It’s next to a wooden table.
  • Inside the garage next to NOMS supermarket.
  • Next to some bins east of the Cap’n Carp restaurant.
  • In the middle building along the east side of Craggy Cliffs, on the ground floor.

There are four Records to collect here, and it’s usually less busy than at Pleasant Park, so we’d recommend coming to Craggy Cliffs to tackle this weekly challenge.

Once you’ve collected two Records, you’ll have completed the challenge and earned yourself 30,00 XP!

If you still want more XP so you can keep leveling up the Battle Pass, we’ve got a handy guide to completing all Fortnite Season 7 weekly challenges right here.

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