Fortnite leaker claims Ariana Grande skin and concert coming soon

Ariana Grande Fortnite concertEpic Games / Vevo

A new set of Fortnite leaks have suggested that pop superstar Ariana Grande will be arriving on the Island very soon for an in-game concert event.

During the ongoing dispute between Epic Games and Apple, it was revealed that a bunch of high-profile collaborations were in the works, ranging from anime characters like Naruto all the way to pop superstars like Lady Gaga.

While it’s likely that many of these crossovers were just ideas that never left the planning stages, the recent addition of basketball hero LeBron James proves that they can indeed happen, giving hope for some of the more unbelievable collaborations.

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Fortnite Season 7 loading screenEpic Games
Could Ariana Grande join Superman and Rick Sanchez in Fortnite?

Now, a new set of leaks that were shared on the FortniteLeaks subreddit have teased that music icon Ariana Grande could actually be appearing in Fortnite very soon, despite assumptions that the plans were scrapped last year.


The anonymous leaker, who was previously correct about Superman, Rick Sanchez, LeBron, and even Season 6’s Foreshadowing Quests all coming to Fortnite, claimed that “Ariana Grande will be coming soon and will have an in-game concert.”

Perhaps the most interesting part of this supposed leak is that it also claims staff at Epic Games have already done a test launch for the in-game Ariana Grande concert, which means it could be coming sooner than we think.

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It’s likely that any in-game event would happen when the pop star has something to promote (maybe new music?), so it might be a good idea to keep an eye on Ariana’s social media for any announcements until then.

With previous Fortnite concerts from Travis Scott and Marshmello being hugely successful with players and music fans, it’s not surprising that Epic Games would want to do more of them, and you don’t get much bigger than Ariana.

That’s not the only interesting thing to emerge from these leaks, though – it’s also claimed that new Justice League and The Suicide Squad skins are on the way, which makes sense with the new movie releasing in August.

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Here’s hoping we finally get that long-awaited Wonder Woman skin in Fortnite!