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How to complete all Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 weekly challenges

Published: 9/Jun/2021 10:26

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is finally here, and every week there will be a new set of Epic and Legendary challenges for players to complete in order to earn some much-needed XP.

Season 7 of Fortnite has got fans hooked already. With an Invasion theme, there are plenty of alien-related additions to the game including map updates, flying UFOs that players can drive, and new extraterrestrial weapons.

Of course, there’s also a new Battle Pass for players to sink their teeth into. As well as plenty of original characters like the customizable Kymera, there are also crossovers in the form of Superman, Rick & Morty, and Guggimon.


In order to unlock all of those skins, players will first need to rack up XP and earn enough Battle Stars to purchase them. That’s where Fortnite’s weekly challenges come in.

Fortnite Season 7 UFO Loading Screen
Epic Games
Weekly quests give players a chance to earn XP.

When do weekly challenges come out in Fortnite?

A new set of weekly Epic and Legendary challenges typically gets added to Fortnite every Thursday at 7 AM PT | 10 AM ET | 3 PM BST, and it’s expected that this will remain the same throughout Season 7.

These challenges offer plenty of XP when completed, giving players the perfect opportunity to earn enough Battle Stars to unlock all of the skins and cosmetics on offer in the Season 7 Battle Pass.


Below, you’ll find details of all the weekly challenges available in Fortnite Season 7, as well as links to relevant guides that will tell you how to complete them easily.

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Week 1 Epic Quests

Week 1 Legendary Quests

  • Converse with Sunny, Abstrakt, Dreamflower, Riot, or Bushranger (3)
  • Collect Stone from The Aftermath (100)
  • Collect different IO tech weapons (3)
  • Interact with Bunker Jonesy’s conspiracy board (1)
  • Place rubber ducks in Retail Row, Pleasant Park, and Believer Beach (3)

Week 2 Epic Quests

  • Search chests at Corny Complex or Lazy Lake (7)
  • Explosive damage to opponents or opponent structures (500)
  • Collect spray cans from warehouses in Dirty Docks or garages in Pleasant Park (2)
  • Destroy equipment at Satellite Stations (15)
  • Search for a graffiti-covered wall at Hydro 16 or near Catty Corner (1)
  • Visit different named locations in a single match (5)
  • Enter a UFO (1)

Week 2 Legendary Quests

  • Interact with a dead drop in Weeping Woods (1)
  • Step onto a Body Scanner (1)
  • Converse with Rick Sanchez, Marigold, Maven, or Special Forces (3)
  • Deal damage with IO tech weapons (200)
  • Damage an IO Guard (1)

These are all of the Fortnite weekly challenges that have been released by Epic Games or shared by leakers. This page will be updated each week, so make sure you check back for future challenges and guides.

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