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Where is the Cube Assassin in Fortnite? How to find Season 8 boss

Published: 29/Sep/2021 14:41

by Daniel Megarry


If you’re wondering where the Cube Assassin is located in Fortnite, we’ve got a handy location guide to help you find the Season 8 boss – and tips on how to defeat her when you get there.

Season 8 of Fortnite introduced a number of exciting features to the popular battle royale, including mysterious Sideways portals, a Battle Pass featuring Marvel villain Carnage, and a new boss called the Cube Assassin who’s difficult to pin down.

Unlike the boss fights we’ve seen in previous seasons like The Mandalorian or Predator, the Cube Assassin can’t be found in a single area of the map: She’s constantly moving, and you could spend hours looking if you don’t know where to go.


As well as being a fresh challenge for longtime Fortnite players, defeating the Cube Assassin is also a requirement to unlock its matching Character Style for the customizable Toona Fish skin, so there are two reasons to go after this boss fight.

Fortnite Sideways Anomalies
Epic Games
The Cube Assassin is hiding in these Sideways Anomalies.

Where to find the Cube Assassin in Fortnite Season 8

You won’t find the Cube Assassin roaming around the Island like in previous boss fights. Instead, you’ll have to make your way to one of the purple Sideways Anomalies dotted around the map and enter it.

There are two ways to enter the Sideways: Sideways Zones, which look like huge orange domes covering major POIs, and Sideways Anomalies, which are small purple portals that suck you in when you get close.


Make sure you’re heading for the Anomalies to find the Cube Assassin, as you won’t find her in the Zones. You can spot them on the Fortnite map at the start of a match, so head straight there after leaving the Battle Bus.

Fortnite Cube Assassin location in a Sideways Anomaly
Epic Games
These are the Sideways Anomalies you’re looking for on the Fortnite map.

How to defeat the Cube Assassin in Fortnite Season 8

Once you’re inside a Sideways Anomaly, you’ll have to blast your way through several waves of Cube Monsters. Some throw projectiles or leave clouds of harmful gas when defeated, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, so stay alert.

Work your way through the second or third wave of Cube Monsters before the timer runs out, and there’s a chance the Cube Assassin will appear. If she doesn’t show up, you’ll have to leave and try another Sideways Anomaly instead.


Fortnite Sideways Cube Monsters
Epic Games
Fight off waves of Cube Monsters and you might meet the Cube Assassin in Fortnite.

If you’re lucky enough to meet the Cube Assassin, get ready for a difficult battle. She has a Mythical variation of the Sideways Minigun and can put up a shield when alerted to danger – although she does have a weak spot on her back.

It is possible to defeat the Cube Assassin by yourself, but attempting this battle with a Trio or Squad should make things easier, as one of you can distract the boss while the rest of the team attacks from behind to avoid her shields.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to come prepared with weapons (and ideally a full shield) before fighting the Cube Assassin. If you don’t have a strong loadout with plenty of ammo, you’ll most likely be eliminated.


Once the Cube Assassin has been eliminated, you’ll leave the Sideways Anomaly and she will respawn as a ghost who sells you Cube Monster Parts to upgrade your Sideways Weapons.