Fortnite: Epic Games announce major improvement coming to Mounted Turrets in v7.20 update

Albert Petrosyan

Epic Games have confirmed that they will be fixing a critical bug associated with the Mounted Turrets in Fortnite Battle Royale and it looks to be huge improvement to the controversial item.

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The bug that’s currently affecting Mounted Turrets is causing the hit-markers that players see when firing at one shown as white rather than bronze/gold.

Epic Games implemented bronze/gold hit-markers in order to help players who are shooting at vehicles be able to easily differentiate whether their shots are striking the body of the vehicle of the pilot and/or passengers riding inside.

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Although Mounted Turrets are not a vehicle, this effect was implemented to the item because players can still use it by entering the attached seat. However, this bug is causing the hit-markers to be white and confusing players who fire at the turrets. 

This issue was brought to the attention of the developers by a Reddit user ‘SmackJevans,’ who posted a video asking the hit-markers to be colored back in.

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Funnily enough, Epic representative ‘EpicDustyDevo’ thought it was a fantastic new idea and had this to say in the comments section: “Great idea, looks like we can bang this out quickly and have it out next week with 7.20. Thanks for the input!”

Turns out that the rep was simply out of touch on the issue and later realized that the idea had already been implemented but was being hindered by a bug.

Owning up to the mistake, the rep confirmed that the bug would still be fixed in the next game update: “Was just informed it was a bug, not a new feature. Can you tell I didn’t read the whole thread? Anyway, thanks for bringing it up, will be fixed next week.”

Although the release date for the v7.20 update has not been announced, it should go live either on January 15 or 16, and this is one of the biggest aspects of it that has been revealed so far.

Until then, players will have to make do with the bugged out hit-markers and somehow figure out whether they are hitting the Mounted Turrets or the players controlling them.