What does the mystery Fortnite Snowfall skin look like? Data miners leak full outfit - Dexerto

What does the mystery Fortnite Snowfall skin look like? Data miners leak full outfit

Published: 18/Jan/2019 17:32 Updated: 29/Jan/2019 11:57

by Ross Deason


Following the v7.30 update for Fortnite Battle Royalethe full Snowfall skin has been revealed as data miners get their hands on the patch files.

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The Snowfall skin is directly linked to Season 7’s ongoing Snowfall bonus challenges where players are required to find secret Battle Stars and Banners after completing all of the standard challenges for a week.

The identity and appearance of the skin has remained a mystery for much of the season, as players aim to complete the Snowfall challenges to unlock the skin, but leakers have now unveiled the full outfit.

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Following the v7.30 content update on January 29, the game files in Fortnite were updated, and data miners immediately got to work.

Here’s what the Snowfall skin looks like in its entirety.

Update: All four stages of the Snowfall skin have now been revealed by leakers.

The data miner known as@s1l0x on Twitter shared a number of part-images and meshes on January 17 that appear to show a prisoner in the dungeon at Polar Peak. The leaker’s theory is that this prisoner will be the Snowfall skin:

“Inside of the dungeon below the Ice Castle (img.1). Inside the Ice is a mesh for a ‘Penguin_Block’ (img. 2) which connects to the chains. That mesh references a prisoner skin (img. 3) which I am 99% sure will be the snowfall skin. The prisoner had a T1 File. Tier 1?”


@s1l0xs1l0x believes these files are related to the Snowfall skin.
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Judging by the arm shown in these images, it certainly looks like Snowfall is indeed the prisoner trapped inside the castle – soon to break free.


With Season 7 now approaching its final weeks, the thoughts of many Fortnite fans are on what to expect when Season 8 rolls around. Traditionally, the stories from challenges like the Road Trip, Blockbuster and Hunting Party have given us vague clues about what’s coming next.

If that’s the case again this time around, the official reveal of the mystery Snowfall skin, whenever it happens, is sure to answer a lot of questions and leave us with even more!