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TSM Myth shares his thoughts on the controversial Glider Re-deploy mechanic in Fortnite

Published: 7/Nov/2018 20:55 Updated: 7/Nov/2018 21:10

by Wyatt Donigan


While many Fortnite pros have been vocal about their dislike of Fortnite’s new Glider Re-deploy mechanic, Team SoloMid’s Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani looks to have come around on it.

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One of the most vocal members in the Fortnite community, it was only a matter of time before Myth gave his thoughts on the Glider Re-deploy system that was added to the game with the V6.20 update on October 24. 

In a lengthy discussion with fans and other players on Twitter, Myth has made it clear that he sees more good than bad with the controversial mechanic.

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He gets the conversation started by sharing what he likes about the mechanic, saying that “it’s one of the better additions to the game” since it creates a dilemma for players.

This has been one of the major sticking points for many players since the ease of disengaging from fights is sometimes seen as a negative since it could eventually lead to a waste of materials if one person can simply glide away.

More users sounded off in the replies to the original Tweet about such a scenario where a player is able to escape with very little HP, but Myth was very blunt is pointing out that not being able to shoot an enemy gliding away is a “flaw as a player.”


Myth even managed to sneak in the popular “This ain’t it, chief” meme while responding to one concerned user.

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Multiple pros also responded to the initial tweet and most seemed to agree that it was a solid addition to the game.

100 Thieves pro ‘Kenith’ 

100 Thieves pro Archie ‘Parallax’ Shrader

Cloud9 pro Nicholas ‘Zoof’ Zufan

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At the end of the day, Myth looks to have chosen to just adapt to the mechanic that looks to be here to stay rather than trying to speak out and get it removed.

Given that Epic Games just doubled down on the mechanic in a Reddit post on October 31, Myth’s approach seems like the best route to go on this one.