TSM Myth joins Fortnite’s “controller army” with hilariously epic speech

In a hilarious dramatic speech made on stream on December 24, 2019, pro Fortnite player and streamer Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani explained that he’s left the “Keyboard Warriors” to join the “Controller Army.”

For years the debate between controller and mouse and keyboard players has raged on, with mouse and keyboard seemingly being the optimal way to play but many believing that aim assist makes it worth playing on a controller.

While some top players have dabbled back and forth, it appears that Myth is trying to make the switch to controller from mouse and keyboard, a move that would have been unprecedented just a few months ago and on any other game.

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YouTube: MythIn the early days of competitive Fortnite, Myth was widely considered one of the best in the world.

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Myth has been one of the most popular Fortnite players since it was first released in September 2017, revolutionizing building in the game and showing the start of where mechanical ability can take you in Epic Games’ battle royale hit.

However, he’s recently taken it upon himself to try out controller play, and in this dramatic speech made on stream, he explains the move.

“I’m going to become goated on the sticks,” he started. “I have one mission in mind, one goal, one objective. Ever since the Controller Army attacked the nation of the Keyboard Warriors, there’s been a furious fight. They took all our men. All the ammo, all the resources we had… gone in a fury storm, in a fire. It’s my mission, as TMS Mythological, to go undercover and dominate the Controller Army.”

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This was perhaps a little dramatic as a response to the simple question “will you be sticking to the controller,” but at least it was an answer nonetheless.

Throughout his short time using a controller, Myth has displayed some serious talent that wouldn’t look out of place against the top keyboard and mouse players, which can be very difficult to do.

It’s possible that one day he may leave the Controller Army and rejoin his brethren in the nation of Keyboard Warriors, but he seems to be enjoying using a controller and has adapted to the change well, so it may just become a permanent transition.

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