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TSM Myth explains why he doesn’t like being shipped with Pokimane

Published: 23/Dec/2019 11:42

by Andy Williams


Popular Team SoloMid Fortnite pro, Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani, has revealed why it’s better for both him and fellow Twitch streamer, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, to be friends while discussing the “theoretical Poki situation.”

Both Myth and Pokimane are giants in the realm of streaming; Kabbani and Anys sit as the second and ninth most followed streamers on Twitch, respectively. 


While the TSM streamer has never been one to shy away from enunciating his playful crush with Pokimane, nothing more than friendship has ever come to fruition between the pair.

Pokimane (Twitter)Both Myth and Poki maintain a healthy online friendship.

Myth has previously shown where his loyalties lie when he boldly took on the eye tracker test featuring the Offline TV personality. Since his eyes did all of the talking, Pokimane watched on and cringed (as you’d expect). 


Given that the pair continue to maintain a friendly online relationship, Myth was prompted on this by his Twitch chat during a December 22 broadcast. 

“I don’t like playing with the whole [like] theoretical Poki situation,” the TSM star opened. “It puts me and Poki in a weird position.”


While his Twitch chat appeared to lap up the situation, Myth closed out by asking his audience to “let us be friends.”

Of course, it is easy to see where Kabbani is coming from. Since the pair are always in the spotlight, it would likely be extremely difficult to pursue anything more than their current situation.

Moreover, neither party would want to spoil their current run of success on the Amazon-owned streaming platform.


Since Myth is set to break the 10 million follower mark mid-way through 2020 and Pokimane is well on her way to surpassing five million Twitch followers before the end of 2020, the pair will be hoping for nothing to get in the way of their current good run.

Maybe later on in life it could be a possibility if circumstances change, but it appears that for now, both are more than happy with what they’ve currently got.


Austin & Catherine McBroom respond as Ace Family ‘fight’ disturbs fans

Published: 19/Oct/2020 18:01

by Alice Hearing


Popular YouTubers Austin and Catherine McBroom have responded to criticism after fans were disturbed by a clip of a fight in an ACE family video.

The ACE Family is comprised of five members, with the newest being parents Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz’s infant son, Steel. The Family also boasts two daughters, Alaïa and Elle, the latter of which has become the center of the YouTubers’ latest controversy.


In a clip the family posted to YouTube, Austin is seen briefly shouting at Catherine and swearing as they try to film a segment of them greeting their followers. Many fans think that the clip was left in the uploaded video as a mistake and it has left fans concerned about the dynamic between the couple.

While the video was quickly deleted, it was already recorded and uploaded elsewhere online where fans revealed their concerns. One person wrote, “She looks like she’s about to cry.” Another person said they thought it was evidence of an “unhealthy relationship.”

Austin McBroom Catherine Praiz ACE family YouTubers
Instagram: Austin McBroom
The ACE family are no strangers to controversy

Austin and Catherine McBroom have now responded to the criticism on Twitter. Catherine wrote, “yes Austin and I get frustrated with each other sometimes, it’s called marriage. I wish people would stop expecting people to have a ‘perfect’ life, it’s just not realistic!”

Austin added, “No relationship is perfect, but the love Catherine and I have for each other makes up for the small imperfections.”

Some fans were not convinced, replying to the tweet, expressing that they thought the clip looked “manipulative.” Others were grateful to the pair for their honesty, with one person responding, “I love how realistic you two are, you’ve never put on a show about your life. You’ve always been 100% real with everyone. That’s one of the reasons why I love you guys so much.”


The ACE family are no strangers to controversy. In June, they came under fire after a video surfaced that showed Austin spanking his four-year-old daughter while making inappropriate comments.