Travis Scott Fortnite event leaked and teased in-game

Calum Patterson
Wikimedia Commons / Epic Games

It looks like the Travis Scott skin that was leaked months ago in Fortnite might finally be making an appearance, as an in-game teaser seems to confirm some kind of Travis Scott event or performance coming, as well as new leaks.

Back in February, data miners found a cosmetic set with Travis Scott’s name on it, but so far, it’s not been added to the game officially.

The Houston rapper and producer is known to be a fan of the game, having jumped into some matches with Drake and Ninja back in 2018, and now he may finally be getting his own event/performance, in addition to the skin.

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On April 16, leakers revealed a new ‘Jerky’ event was in the game files, and apparently the playlist used for the Marshmello event was also named ‘Jerky’ in the files, meaning it could be something similar.

Now, teasers have been spotted in-game which all but confirm a Travis Scott performance is coming. The main one is the ending to his song ‘Highest in the Room’ can be heard playing quietly in certain areas of the map.

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In addition to the music playing, players have also noticed new posters for the event dotted around the map. They don’t say much, but there is a music logo on them, hinting at a performance in-game.

Then leakers decrypted the audio and a texture file which will likely be used for the event. Around the outside of the purple area, it looks like fair rides such as rollercoasters and carousels.

This would fit in with the theme of Travis Scott’s last album, Astroworld, which was all set at a fairground. At his live shows, he even had a fully functioning rollercoaster.

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This is the object that can be seen in the distance and where the song is playing, as can be seen in this image (via FortTory).

Twitter: FortTory
This distant object appears to be Astroworld approaching the island.

When is the Travis Scott event in Fortnite?

Unfortunately, we have no idea when the event will be yet. However, we can make some educated guesses. It’s unlikely to take place during the week, with Saturdays or Sundays much more common for in-game events like these.

If Epic chooses to do it the same way as the Marshmello performance, it will be a Saturday, so potentially April 25, one week from when the teaser was revealed in-game.