TimTheTatman accidentally promotes ‘TimTheFatman’ creator code in Fortnite

Daniel Cleary

Popular Twitch streamer Fortnite – typing, ‘TimTheFatman’ instead.

A veteran broadcaster, TimTheTatman shot up in popularity over 2018, continuing to cement himself as one of the top streamers on Twitch.

Tim has recently been involved with the LIRIK and Summit1g.

TimTheTatman/TwitchTimTheTatman entering in the wrong code during his stream.

However, during one of his returning Fortnite streams, while Tim was recording a segment to use during one of his YouTube videos promoting his Fortnite ‘Creator Code’, he made a hilarious slip up when typing in his name.

After a comedic introduction to the segment, the code Tim entered on screen during the creator code process ended up reading as “TimTheFatman”, much to the amusement of his viewers, to which he could only sit and smile about after he had quickly changed it back to his actual name.

Tim followed on by telling his editor to keep the entire awkward pause as part of the segment used in his YouTube video.

At least the slip up made for an even more memorable advertising moment – who knows, maybe it was even a deliberate ploy to get people talking.