Shroud explains why he isn’t excited for Halo MCC after PC announcement

Connor Bennett

Unlike some fans, Halo on Steam – taking time during his stream to explain why the franchise isn’t as popular as it once was.

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Microsoft announced on March 12, during an Xbox Inside stream, that PC versions of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo: Reach from 343 Industries would be available to purchase via Steam in the near future – with Reach, the series prequel, being the first game on offer.

While fans are obviously excited to be able to play the iconic Xbox series on PC, shroud isn’t quite sold – even though he will, of course, look to dominate opponents any time he dabbles in the game.

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343 IndustriesThe MCC has been reworked specifically for a PC release.

After a fan asked him about the possibility of Shroud playing Halo, the streamer answered: “Yeah, sure. I’m like not as excited as you guys are. Like, everyone’s so stoked but I don’t really know why – that game is so old,” before pretending to fall asleep, implying that it is boring.

“Bro, like Halo is so fucking old nobody cares. I mean, that’s exactly why they’re doing it because everyone stopped caring about Halo, you’ve got to bring it back somehow,” Shroud added. “It’s a little bit of hype. I’ll still play it. Probably. Why not? 

“But, at the end of the day, Halo is Halo – there’s a reason why it’s not too fucking popular anymore. I think they’re too scared to innovate it.”

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Shroud’s comments do hold some truth though, as releasing both the Halo MCC and Reach on PC could easily be a way to generate further interest in the franchises upcoming title – Halo Infinite.

While not a whole bunch is known about Halo Infinite, 343 Industries have already confirmed that the title will be available on PC and that more of the game will be showcased at the upcoming E3 event in June.

Until then, fans will have to tide themselves over with the nostalgia of playing games of Oddball on Midship.

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