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Fall Guys won’t stop roasting TimTheTatman on Twitter

Published: 17/Aug/2020 10:26 Updated: 17/Aug/2020 15:21

by Calum Patterson


Fall Guys, the newest craze to take over everyone’s streams on Twitch, is notoriously difficult to win, and has left TimTheTatman struggling for an elusive ‘crown.’ So much so, that the game’s official Twitter account just won’t stop roasting him.

So far, Tim, one of the biggest streamers on the platform, is yet to get a win. This, of course, has been much to his embarrassment and encouraged his fellow content creators to mock him endlessly.

What Tim maybe didn’t expect though, was for the official Twitter account for the game to get in on the action. The FallGuysGame account has been very active since the game released, possibly even contributing to the game’s popularity.


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Everyone’s been playing Fall Guys – but not everyone’s been winning.

It all seems to have started when esports organization FaZe Clan asked their followers to tag someone who’d never get the crown. Unexpectedly, Fall Guys tagged poor TimTheTatman.

At this stage, Tim was just surprised to get a shout out at all, even if it was a roast. He simply responded “holy sh*t.”

But, FallGuysGame wasn’t done there. They followed up “been told to swing by and ask you how many crowns you have?” No response this time from Tim.

Things got real when the account just kept pestering him, asking him why he’d taken all the L’s.


Realizing it might be getting a bit brutal, Fall Guys eased off a bit, and gave Tim some good news. It turns out, he’s not actually the worst player in the game, instead, he’s second last.

NICKMERCS was having a great time with all the constant roasts too, and decided to highlight just how bad Tim really is, and show the world. Fall Guys were quick to respond: “embarrassing.”

To help Tim in his time of despair, Fall Guys made the very generous offer to simply gift his account a crown, so that everyone could finally stop roasting him.


Instead, Tim wanted his own character in the game.

But, Fall Guys’ latest roast is possibly their best. “We thought maybe we could film ourselves winning,” they said, “and then you could just stream our video while you pretend to play?”

Unfortunately, Tim desperately needs to win himself a crown before the endless slander will stop. Although, it’s not certain even that would stop it.

The Fall Guys’ community manager, @OliverAge24, has been doing remarkable things with the account, and certainly knows how to grow a Twitter following. Less than a month ago, on July 20, they had 15,000 followers. On August 17, they have over 800,000.


The popularity of the game itself has been a major factor too, but their Twitter game is also on top form.