The Real Reason Why Rifts Have Been Disabled in Fortnite

Albert Petrosyan

The Fortnite community was faced with sudden news early on August 17 as Epic Games announced that Rifts had been disabled indefinitely.

However, in the announcement, Epic did not provide the specific reason or issue that had led to their decision to disable the Rifts.

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It turns out that there was a serious glitch in Fortnite involving the Rifts that was allowing players to essentially get free wins.

Setting up to take advantage of this glitch was relatively easy: two players would need to first land and acquire some materials and their own ATKs.

The players would then need to locate a Rift and build a platform just underneath it, and then use the platform to drive the two ATKs into the Rift at the same exact time.

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While one player would fall out of the Rift and descend onto the map normally, the other one would enter a “god mode,” and hover above the map without being able to be shot at, take damage from the storm, or get eliminated in any way. 

The player could just stay in that state until all of the others on the map got eliminated, thus claiming an easy Victory Royale.

Here is a demonstration of this process, courtesy of YouTuber ‘OrangeGuy.’

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It’s not clear how long this glitch existed in Fortnite, and how many people were able to take advantage of it to rack up their win total.

However, now that it is being addressed, it will be worth keeping an eye to see whether Epic Games will subtract players’ wins that were 

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