Fortnite community campaigns to get this eight-year-old’s skin concept added to the game

Ross Deason
tfoust10 / Reddit

The Fortnite Battle Royale community is pulling together in an attempt to get an eight-year-old child’s skin concept added to the game.

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The skin, or outfit, in question is called the ‘Chicken Trooper’ and was originally shared on Reddit by the child’s parent, tfoust10.

A picture of a sketch was accompanied with the heading “For the last couple months my 8yr old has consistently asked me to submit this suggestion to Fortnite developers. So… There you go.”

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The idea was a huge hit with the FortniteBR subreddit, with one user saying “you’re telling me the reason a Chicken Trooper skin doesn’t exist in the game right now is because you selfishly withheld on sharing this amazing suggestion for the last couple months!?”

The proud parent went on to explain that they had not understood what skins were until very recently and said that their son, Connor, “got pretty excited and said he is going to draw a more detailed picture after school.”

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Other users, like Etsyturtle2 and Nikothedow, built upon the concept with more Chicken Trooper artwork that showed what it might look like in-game, causing the skin’s following to continue growing!

Etsyturtle2 / RedditNikothedow / Reddit

It didn’t take long for tfoust10 to return with another picture, and a request for Epic Games.

The picture shows the artistic eight-year-old holding a drawing of his concept and a note reading “Dear Fortnite, please add a skin in Fortnite called the Chicken Trooper”.

The parent also wrote “my son was thrilled to come home today from school to see how Redditors made his Chicken Trooper request a big deal! Thanks for all the support. You guys really made his year! C’mon EPIC, it is your turn. Let’s add this.”

With Season 6 of Fortnite just around the corner, there is sure to be an influx of brand new skins and cosmetic items added to the game.

We just hope that one of them is the Chicken Trooper!