Tfue shares grave prediction for future of Fortnite as Apex Legends’ popularity surges

Tfue / Epic Games

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has echoed the thoughts of other streamers with his latest grave prediction for Fortnite’s future, following the rise in popularity of Apex Legends. 

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The new battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment quickly became one of the most watched video games on Twitch following its surprise release on February 4 and is now competing with Epic Games’ title on all fronts. 

Despite insisting that Apex Legends is not the better of the two in the past, Tfue now claims that Fortnite’s success might not last much longer. 

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Epic GamesTfue has also discussed his hatred for Tilted Towers in the past.

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“Apex Legends is going to kill Fortnite,” Tfue predicted, after seeing viewing statistics that showed over 700,000 people were watching it on Twitch, compared to Fortnite’s 90,000. 

The video below also shows another earlier prediction from the streamer, where he says: “This game is going to die so quickly. It’s actually depressing to think about. I give this game a year, probably, until it dies. Enjoy it while shit lasts.”

(Tfue’s predictions can be seen in the first minute of this video below)

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Tfue insisted in the video that he has “never” been wrong about any of his Fortnite predictions, and he’s not alone in thinking the end is near for Epic’s game. Dr Disrespect has also claimed that people should be “embarrassed” to be associated with it.

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It’s unknown if Tenney will stick around on Fortnite for Season 8, but one thing is for sure – he doesn’t see a bright future on the horizon for the free-to-play title.