Tfue reveals how casters cost him a kill at Fortnite World Cup

Matt Porter
Epic Games

Popular Fortnite player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has revealed that the casters at the World Cup cost him a kill in the very first match of the solos portion of the tournament.

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Tfue entered Fortnite World Cup as one of the competition’s biggest names, and undoubtedly one of the favorites to finish high up the leaderboard and claim a major share of the $30 million prize pool.

Things didn’t work out that way for the 21-year-old though, who struggled throughout the six matches and finished in 67th place with just seven points. Still an admirable effort considering the skill-level of the matches though.

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On his return to streaming on Tuesday, July 30, Tfue revealed that his points tally could have been higher, had the tournament’s casters not spoiled his position and loadout, and cost him a kill.

Tfue, TwitterTfue’s run at Fortnite World Cup didn’t work out as he had hoped.
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During his broadcast, the American discussed how the casters affected his and others’ gameplay, as the headphones that were given to players weren’t able to block out the voices of Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo and Jack ‘CouRageJD’ Dunlop, who were commentating over the event.

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“How the World Cup was set up, it was loud as fuck,” the Twitch streamer explained. “They have noise cancelling headphones but it’s so fucking loud that you can hear the announcers and shit.”

“I’m early game at The Block, and I’m getting kitted up, I land on the gold chest so I obviously have better loot. We both land at The Block, the announcers are blasting in the mic ‘Tfue at The Block with full shields, a SCAR [assault rifle], a shotgun,’ and all you see is the other kid hitting the wall and leave. He heard it.”

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This incident took place in the very first match of the solos tournament, and in a clip taken from the official broadcast, it’s clear to see a player named Clipnode exit The Block just moments after Tfue’s position and loadout were mentioned on stream.

Of course, it’s possible that this was just a coincidence, and without Clipnode’s confirmation that he left because of the announcers’ call, the true reason for his exit cannot be confirmed.

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Whether finding the kill against Clipnode at The Block would have made a significant difference to his eventual performance remains uncertain, but the sharp exit of his opponent clearly cost him a golden opportunity at finding an early kill in the competition.

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