Apex Legends caster under fire after calling casters the “least important” part of a broadcast

Filip Krawanski
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Apex Legends E-sports caster @im_b_rad_ttv came under scrutiny from fans and peers alike for voicing his opinion that casters are the “least important part of a broadcast” and should be “paid like it”.

The terms e-sports caster, commentator, or broadcaster are often used to describe the person commenting over professional e-sports games and tournaments, describing the action, explaining the strategies, and enhancing the viewer experience.

This commentary is often praised and appreciated by viewers, with some casters becoming celebrities in their own right.

But Apex Legends caster @im_b_rad_ttv believes that this commentary is the “least important” part of the entire broadcast, an opinion which he shared over Twitter and met staunch resistance from viewers responding to the Tweet.

E-sports caster gets blasted for undermining the importance of his job

The Tweet in question comes from @im_b_rad_ttv Twitter account belonging to an Apex Legends caster who on July 11 wrote:

“Esports hot take. Casters are the least important part of a broadcast and should be paid like it. Admins, observers, and production are more essential to a broadcast.”

And a hot take it turned out to be as nearly immediately viewers and other casters disagreed with Brad on different statements contained in the one Tweet.

“Never thought the voice of oce would come across like such a pick-me. If youre in that much of a hurry to devalue the craft of casting just go and undercut your peers. More effective and produces one less utter tripe opinion on the internet,” wrote another caster, Mitch Leslie.

“I think this might be the most ignorant thing I’ve read about not just esports, but broadcasting in general,” added Erik Lonnquist.

Even readers who partially agreed with the statement partially opposed Brad’s take on the broadcasting profession.

“From the perspective of ‘can the event go ahead without them’ or not? Yeah, I agree. You can always just have player comms/music for sound. But Hosts/Casters really do enrich and enliven events. I would rather watch an event with them, than without,” wrote one user.

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