Aquaman villain trailer hints at Heavy AR returning in Fortnite Season 3

Joe Craven
Black Manta in Fortnite Chapter 2

Eagle-eyed Fortnite fans think that the trailer for Black Mantra, the villain from DC’s Aquaman, might be hinting at the return of the popular Heavy Assault Rifle. 

If there’s one thing Fortnite fans have grown accustomed to, it’s ambitious cross overs with other cultural phenomenons. Both Aquaman and Black Manta finally dropped in Fortnite on July 16, with one as a Battle Pass exclusive and the other available in the Fortnite Item Shop.

The trailers for both DC stars appeared to tease future updates to Fortnite. Aquaman’s reveal is heavily believed to have teased a new Atlantis POI, and Fortnite fans now believe they’ve found hints that a fan favorite weapon is set to return in Season 3.

Aquaman skin in Fortnite
Aquaman landed on the Fortnite scene during Chapter 2, Season 3.

During the trailer, Black Manta and a group of Scuba Jonesys break into the Fishstick compound and begin to eliminate fish. One player, u/Raynedrop168, asked whether anyone else had noticed that an eliminated fish dropped a Heavy Assault Rifle.

The Heavy Assault Rifle was first introduced with patch 6.22, and grew to be a common low-tier weapon in the later stages of Chapter One. While it was present in the very early stages of Chapter Two, it was vaulted in Patch 13.0, on June 17, 2020.

However, the vaulting could be set to be reversed if the trailer is anything to go by. Fortnite players have grown accustomed to teasers and hints from Epic, as far back as Chapter One’s second season.

Known for its heavy damage and moderate recoil, the Heavy Assault Rifle could deal masses of damage if fired accurately. Only time will tell if it’s on its way back in Season 3, but players will be excited by the possibility.