Tfue, Benjyfishy & more respond to Fortnite removing double movement

Tfue and Benjyfishy with Fortnite logoEpic Games / Tfue / NRG Esports

Fortnite streamers and pro players including Benjamin ‘benjyfishy’ Fish, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, and more have hit out at Epic Games, after Double Movement keybinds were completely removed from the battle royale in the v14.50 update.

With Chapter 2, Season 4 approaching its final stages, Epic Games has released a major update, with plenty of new content, on November 3 to keep the game fresh.

Fortnite’s v14.50 update saw the return of Jetpacks, Lachlan’s Icon Series skin, and bug fixes, but one of the biggest changes for competitive players was the removal of the “double movement” keybind mechanic.

Fortnite character runningEpic Games
Fortnite players have hit out at the removal of double movement.

Double movement is a feature used by mouse and keyboard players, where players bind two different keys to the same movement action, to mimic the angles that controller players can direct their character.

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However, the feature has been quite controversial due to its use with third-party cheats or “macros,” although Epic Games are yet to confirm that this is why it was removed from the game.

Many pros and streamers have now criticized Epic after the release of the v14.50 update, with some of the biggest Fortnite stars sharing their take on the changes.

Fortnite pros react to double movement changes

Benjyfishy was among the first to speak out on the changes, revealing that the change would set players back, who had put time into practicing with the feature in recent months.

“There is no f***ing way they removed double movement binds,” he responded, “there goes 3 months of practice.”

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Fellow Fortnite pro FaZe Dubs was also frustrated with the removal of double movement, claiming that Epic Games was not aware of how much this would impact play at a high level.

“I don’t think epic understands what removing double movement binds does,” he shared, before calling on the devs to revert the changes.

100 Thieves star Arkhram1x added the criticism, suggesting that “double movement” keybinds should be integrated with Fortnite for PC players to use.

“Why not just give everyone double movement?” he asked, suggesting that PC players were already at a disadvantage.

Despite revealing that he had already quit Fortnite, Twitch star Tfue weighed in on the debate and mocked the players affected by the change.

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After many PC players voiced their concern with the v14.50 update, Tfue explained that they could “just pick up a controller” as a solution to the double movement changes.

While many are calling for Epic to revert the v14.50 changes and integrate double movement in Fortnite, as of now, the devs have not revealed any intention of doing so.