Team Envy Announce Popular Streamer As Captain of Professional Fortnite Team

Calum Patterson

As the potential for Fortnite Battle Royale esports continues to grow, more and more big name organizations are getting involved, with the latest being Team Envy.

Despite there being little in the way of official tournaments or leagues, the popularity of Fortnite as a casual game currently, means it is only a matter of time until the competitive side of things takes off.

And with that anticipation in mind, it is no surprise that top esports organizations such as FaZe Clan, Team SoloMid and Fnatic have already recruited full rosters of four.

Of course with no competitive or tournament experience to base recruitment on, many of these teams have looked at some of the biggest and best Fortnite live streamers as potential players for their rosters.

FaZe Clan for example recruited popular streamer Thang “SpaceLyon” Phan as one of their first members, and now Team Envy have taken a similar route.

Picking up one of the top Fortnite streamers on Amazon owned site Twitch, KingRichard will become firstly a streamer for the organization, but also the captain of their competitive roster.

Presumably Envy will be looking to round out a full roster of four, since it appears that is the direction Fortnite esports is heading, however, they may wait to see more details about potential tournaments and leagues.

The biggest Fortnite live streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins recently held one of the first Fortnite LAN events at Esports Arena Las Vegas, but had everyone playing solo rather than in squads.

The event was a major success and there are now hints that perhaps solo matches will be the way forward for Fortnite esports, but considering many teams have already got four-man rosters, it is unclear currently.

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