SypherPK reveals major flaws with Fortnite’s ‘secret’ February 5 update

SypherPK at Catty Corner in FortniteSypherPK/Epic Games

Fortnite content creator SypherPK has highlighted a few major issues with the recent February 5th update, with the performance mode changes putting some players at a disadvantage. 

Epic Games’ Fortnite battle royale became the most popular game around thanks to the devs’ constant updates, which helped make the game feel fresh every few weeks. 

In recent seasons, those updates have become few and far between. The devs have still been rolling them out, but the short seasons of Fortnite Chapter 1 have been replaced by longer dry spells in Fortnite Chapter 2. 

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The updates are, of course, designed to make the game better and add new content, but sometimes they bring issues. 

Epic Games
The recent Fortnite update gave the Mandalorian an LTM of his own.

In the smaller February 5 maintenance patch, Epic made changes to the Performance Mode setting that helps players on lower-end devices keep their FPS running smoothly in tricky situations.

However, as players like SypherPK have noted, it’s turned some walls into a blocky mess, and players cant see through them. “The visual block that it applies makes it kind of impossible to use in a pro competitive setting, and most of these players would rather not play on mobile graphics,” Sypher said. 

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Additionally, Sypher noted that the change to the gold bar payout in competitive is “having a huge impact.” Epic upped the rewards for completing quests and bounties, and it’s allowing players to use Exotic weapons more in arena and competitive play, which wasn’t the case before. 

Upon complaints from players, the devs have noted that the change is an intended one. However, that has only prompted further backlash. 

“Box fighting will legit be impossible,” said one player, while others added “revert performance mode,” and “rather have less fps than not see my builds.”

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In the past, Epic have shown that they’re willing to make changes when the community demands it – who can ever forget the Infinity Blade drama. However, striking a balance with performance mode might be a little trickier. We’ll have to wait and see.