LEGO Fortnite players uncover huge hidden changes in 28.20 update

Josh Taylor
LEGO Fortnite player finding Brightcore and building a Fridge.

One LEGO Fortnite player has revealed that Epic Games has missed out some massive updates from their official v28.20 patch notes, including a Fridge Chest and much easier ways to get your Brightcore.

With Fortnite’s groundbreaking LEGO Fortnite mode having been out for over two months, players have constantly called out for fresh content to be added.

The survival-crafting game’s first major update came with the v28.10 update. This vastly improved the gameplay, in particular for building, as well as fixed various bugs and even introduced Launch Pads as a new Building Part Toy to play with.

Now, Epic Games has followed up with v28.20 on February 7, 2024. It brought along an array of changes, and the star of the show this time was the Hunting Dagger weapon joining.

However, players have already been finding various other changes that have been implemented that weren’t included in the official patch notes. A player has now summarised these, so here is everything you need to know.

LEGO Fortnite player reveals missed updates from v28.20 patch

LEGO Fortnite player blenderwolf revealed their discovery to the game’s subreddit, titled: “List of undocumented changes in v28.20 on February 7.” They further stated that all these changes were only found in the Survival version of the game.

Here is all the missed changes and additions from the 28.20 LEGO Fortnite patch notes:


  • Skeletons
    • Skeletons in the caves found in Dry Valley and Frostland biomes now drop Brightcore
    • Rough Copper, Iron, Ruby, Amber and even Obsidian have been reported as being rare drops


  • Fridge – has been added as a Chest Building Part you can build (previously only available in Sandbox)
  • Poo – has had a visual change that makes it shine and easier to spot


  • Rare Copper Sword – craft the weapon for 8 Copper Bars instead of 12
  • Epic Iron Sword – craft the weapon for 8 Iron Bars instead of 12
  • Rare Copper Shield – craft the shield for 10 Copper Bars instead of 15
  • Epic Iron Shield – craft the shield for 15 Iron Bars instead of 25


  • Auto-run – you will now automatially keep running when using the map or inventory, just as you would when using auto-run in the main Battle Royale mode
  • Stamina – regeneration timers now give you a rating using roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, V). These will indicate how quickly your stamina will regenerate.
  • Crafting Benches – sorted by type and then rarity as before, but is instead sorted highest-to-lowest
  • Companions – will appear on the map with an icon and the direction they are facing.

As more LEGO Fortnite changes and additions are discovered, we will be sure to keep you updated.