Summit1g shares damning opinion of competitive Fortnite

Eli Becht

Jaryd ‘Fortnite isn’t an esport.

It’s no secret that Summit doesn’t enjoy the game of Fortnite and it’s something he’s criticized numerous times in the past.

While he hasn’t actually fired up the game in several seasons, he’s still been following the title from afar, and has taken shots at pros complaining when he can. 

Twitch: summit1gSummit doesn’t like Fortnite at all.

Now, he’s taken it a step forward, and went as far as saying that Fortnite shouldn’t even be considered an esport. 

“Fortnite isn’t an (esport), fuck it I’m saying it….” he tweeted – and many of his replies were people agreeing with him. 

The game isn’t in a particularly good state competitively right now, so there are a lot of fair criticisms out there.

The implementation of mechs for Season 10 has rubbed much of the competitive community the wrong way and pushed them away to other games.

100 Thieves streamer Jack ‘Minecraft and CS:GO lately.

Epic Games still takes Fortnite seriously as an esport, but by alienating the pro scene, it’s not really a good look for anybody involved.

Following the World Cup, Epic Games introduced the Fortnite Championship Series for Season 10, and while that was well-received, it has been greatly affected by the mechs – and that’s not something players want to see.

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