Tfue quits Twitch Rivals Fortnite event: “not surprised Ninja switched to Mixer”

Published: 22/Aug/2019 14:46 Updated: 22/Aug/2019 16:13

by Calum Patterson


Top Fortnite streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney excused himself in dramatic fashion from the $400,000 Twitch Rivals event on August 21, after continued frustrating issues with the tournament.

The complaints arose both from errors in the tournament itself, as well as Fortnite’s ongoing issues with the ‘BRUTE mechs’, which many players believe ruin the game from a competitive perspective.

Tfue was not the only popular personality to leave the event on less-than-amicable terms after Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop quit in a fit of rage over the mechs.

Epic GamesThe BRUTE mechs are causing havoc in competitive Fortnite.

In total, CouRage, TimTheTatman, Bugha, Cloak, DrLupo and Tfue all exited the event early, citing issues with the game and tournament itself.

Tfue, who was keen to play regardless of the mechs, explained “well, I think my game’s bugged. I’m not in. Alright, fuck it, I’m leaving. I just wanted to play man.”

After leaving and queuing up to play solo matches instead, Tfue sent a cheeky shot at Twitch, commenting “I’m not surprised Ninja moved to Mixer” – referring to fellow streamer Ninja’s shock decision to ditch Twitch in favor of the rival Microsoft-owned platform, Mixer.

Ninja hasn’t made his motivations for the switch clear, other than explaining it has helped him reconnect with his community, but some fans believe he may also have some ulterior motives.

Tfue has likely benefitted from Ninja’s departure, although it was no secret that he had already usurped his rival as the most-watched Fortnite star.

While his comment was likely in jest, as Tenney continues to dominate the Fortnite category on Twitch, there has been a wave of criticism against the platform, despite continuing to be by far the biggest website for streaming.


Fortnite v15.21 update patch notes: Predator skin, Jungle Hunter Quests, new Mythic item

Published: 20/Jan/2021 10:50 Updated: 20/Jan/2021 11:13

by Alan Bernal


The Fortnite v15.21 update patch has arrived, ushering in the next quests in the game as well as Predator skin, a Cloaking Device item, and more.

Rumors and leaks have already dominated much of the v15.21 news cycle, and gave players a good indication of which new and exciting skin should be hitting the battle royale soon.

Meanwhile, Epic Games are pumping some more content for players to sift through with an updated questline called the Jungler Hunter Quests, which should occupy players until the v15.30 update.

The Fortnite community will also be anxiously awaiting to see if the devs bring in any extra surprises as they tend to do across the seasons.

When is the Fortnite v15.21 patch coming?

But before then, the Fortnite community should be aware that the v15.21 downtime is expected to come through on January 20 at 1 AM PST / 4 AM EST / 9:00 UTC.

If Epic doesn’t find an issue with the rollout, it should be a run-of-the-mill download for most players that will have the Fortnite servers blaring at full-speed.

Any hiccups between now and then will surely be communicated by the developers, and we’ll update it here if there’s a change in plans.

Fortnite update v15.21 early patch notes

New Predator Boss character and Mythic item

The new update finally brings Predator to The Island. The iconic movie villain will be a Boss character at Stealthy Stronghold for players to take on, and eliminating him will bring with it a pretty sweet reward.

After he’s taken down, he will drop the Predator’s Cloaking Device. This will allow players to go “nearly” invisible for up to 30 seconds at a time, with a 30 second cooldown time between use.

The device’s effect will be removed if you change weapons or enter the water.

fortnite predator
Epic Games
Fortnite players might finally encounter the Predator soon.

Jungle Hunter Quests and new Predator cosmetics

A few more Jungle Hunter Quests have been added to the Battle Pass. Completing these will unlock the long-awaited Predator skin as well as a number of cosmetics to match.

There’s a Yautja Wristblades pickaxe, a Hunter’s Trophy back bling, a The Hunt loading screen, a Bio-Helmet Online emote, and a Hunter’s Arsenal weapon wrap to unlock.

IO Guards removed from Arena

The IO Guards, which relentlessly target players upon sight, will be removed from Arena gameplay following the new v15.21 update.

They will remain in Battle Royale mode, though.

Return of fan-favorite LTMs?

Along the news of tomorrow’s update, we also got a peak into an old limited time mode (LTM) that could hit the live servers tomorrow.

Fortnite dataminer ‘ShiinaBR’ found image assets for the ‘Floor is Lava’ mode back into the game’s API that could mean it’s “likely to return as a regular LTM in the next few days.”

Of course, this remains to be seen, but it’s been a popular mode among fans so it would be ripped right out of Epic’s playbook to bring it back into the fold.

Are Teleport Booths and Henchmen coming back?

While not included in the official patch notes provided by Epic Games, prominent Fortnite leaker HYPEX has tweeted that there could be more features returning in the v15.21 update.

These are wide chests, which they explain could be returning specifically in Stealthy Stronghold; Teleport Booths; and some Henchmen, which are NPCs that attack the player similar to the IO Guards.

Fortnite v15.21 bug fixes

One of the biggest issues that Epic is going to try to sort out will be the glitch that makes some players receive damage mid-air when falling inside a car.

In fact, there’s a couple of fixes going into the game that revolved around its vehicles including the “inconsistent camera behavior or stuttering after being near a Car [players] recently drove then exited.”

There’s a few points that the studio is going to try and address, so hopefully the update goes without a hitch.

General Top Issues

  • When playing Fortnite, players cannot create system-level parties that include players on both PS5 and PS4.
  • The Jumpshot Outfit is missing its facial hair.
  • The Banner menu may be unresponsive to controller inputs, causing players to have difficulty editing their Banner with a controller or the Banner not updating properly.
  • We’re investigating an issue that is causing players to experience a long loading screen after completing a session on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.
  • The sound effect of certain actions, such as opening a Chest or hitting a Weak Point, may be delayed.

Battle Royale

  • In competitive playlists, players do not have access to their persistent stash of Bars. Instead, they are granted a set amount at the beginning of each match. This is intended. However, your end total of Bars in competitive playlists may appear in the Lobby in place of your persistent stash. This is a visual issue only.
  • The weekly Legendary Quest to ‘Get Headshots’ is not always visible after completing the first stage of the quest.
  • Players may receive damage mid-air when falling inside a car.
  • Players and Spectators may notice inconsistent camera behavior or stuttering after being near a Car they recently drove then exited.
  • Total Bars appearing as 0 in a match.
  • Assets appearing invisible in Performance Mode alpha.
  • Game freezing when going to the Compete tab on PlayStation/Xbox.
  • Sand Tunneling temporarily disabled.

Save the World

  • “Devices” and “Prefabs” tabs are swapped when viewing the Creative Inventory
  • Blank Billboards created prior to 15.10 will have “Sample Text” added to them in the 15.10 update.
  • Billboards that use channels to activate or hide text are not functioning properly.

Save The World Issues

  • Eliminating Takers doesn’t count towards Ventures quest.
  • Crashing during Endurance.

Mobile Issues

  • RT/LT Triggers on Xbox Elite controller on Android.