Tfue quits Twitch Rivals Fortnite event: “not surprised Ninja switched to Mixer”


Top Fortnite streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney excused himself in dramatic fashion from the $400,000 Twitch Rivals event on August 21, after continued frustrating issues with the tournament.

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The complaints arose both from errors in the tournament itself, as well as Fortnite’s ongoing issues with the ‘BRUTE mechs’, which many players believe ruin the game from a competitive perspective.

Tfue was not the only popular personality to leave the event on less-than-amicable terms after Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop quit in a fit of rage over the mechs.

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Epic GamesThe BRUTE mechs are causing havoc in competitive Fortnite.

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In total, CouRage, TimTheTatman, Bugha, Cloak, DrLupo and Tfue all exited the event early, citing issues with the game and tournament itself.

Tfue, who was keen to play regardless of the mechs, explained “well, I think my game’s bugged. I’m not in. Alright, fuck it, I’m leaving. I just wanted to play man.”

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After leaving and queuing up to play solo matches instead, Tfue sent a cheeky shot at Twitch, commenting “I’m not surprised Ninja moved to Mixer” – referring to fellow streamer Ninja’s shock decision to ditch Twitch in favor of the rival Microsoft-owned platform, Mixer.

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Ninja hasn’t made his motivations for the switch clear, other than explaining it has helped him reconnect with his community, but some fans believe he may also have some ulterior motives.

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Tfue has likely benefitted from Ninja’s departure, although it was no secret that he had already usurped his rival as the most-watched Fortnite star.

While his comment was likely in jest, as Tenney continues to dominate the Fortnite category on Twitch, there has been a wave of criticism against the platform, despite continuing to be by far the biggest website for streaming.