Steering Wheel and Steerable wheels are finally coming to LEGO Fortnite

Rory Teale
LEGO Fortnite Wheels

Epic Games has finally announced that a Steering Wheel and Steerable wheels are finally coming to LEGO Fortnite, and here are all the details we know.

Fans absolutely love LEGO Fortnite, and nearly immediately after Epic Games released the new mode it broke player count records.

Players enjoy all aspects of the game, from building crazy skyscrapers, to mysterious underground bases, and constructing vehicles like cars and planes to travel between their creations.

Fortnite fans were overjoyed when they discovered that Epic Games is now adding steerable wheels and a steering wheel to LEGO Fortnite, allowing players to build new vehicles that they never thought were achievable.

The official LEGO Fortnite account released two posts about a new LEGO Fortnite update, one showing a picture of a steerable LEGO wheel, the other a LEGO steering wheel, and players can expect to get their hands on both new wheels on Tuesday, March 26.

Many Fortnite fans couldn’t contain their excitement.

“Heck yeah! Had a feeling a new wheel was needed for the steering wheel,” said one fan. “W Lego,” agreed another.

Some people like the appearance of the new steerable wheels so much that they pleaded to Epic Games to add it to Rocket Racing as well so that they can win races in LEGO style.

“Please have these wheels in rocket racing to purchase too,” they said.

For some, this March 26 update should have come much sooner, but regardless we can’t wait to see what awesome new LEGO inventions players will come up with once released.

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